Want to decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments that are sure to dazzle? Check out the light up ornaments available at OrnamentShop.com! Each ornament is based on the beautiful hand drawings of an artist from Washington. There are six colored lights are ready to twinkle and last well over 80 hours of continuous use.

Light up ornaments come in many designs and colors!

The shatterproof ornaments come in seven different designs and colors. All, except for the Nativity (which has a silver cord), have a matching satin ribbon to hang from the branches of your tree, but they also have a flat base that allow them to sit on a shelf or table making a unique light up display.

Snowman Light Up OrnamentsSnowman Light Up Ornament

Children love our three snowman personalized light up ornaments in whimsical designs. The green one is a snowman wearing earmuffs and scarf, that has a bright carrot nose and tree branch arms. The big smile on his face clearly shows how happy he is that winter is finally here! The festive blue line depicts a snowman wearing a blue stocking hat and purple scarf, with green mittens hanging off of his tree branch arms. His red nose lights up just like Rudolph’s! The pretty pink princess snowman is an adorable ornament that twinkles as much as your little princess does.

Santa And Rudolph Light Up Ornaments

Our personalized Rudolph blinking ornament has a bright red nose that can lead Santa’s sleigh through even the worst blizzard on Christmas Eve! He has a happy face and big smile because he knows he is the front leader of the reindeer team Santa is counting on to deliver presents around the world.

Mittens-Light-Up-OrnamentLight up ornaments make wonderful gifts for friends and family such as this red dazzler that has six different mittens that go all the way around the ball each mitten has a different colored light that blinks from it. You can personalize this ornament with up to six names making it a fun family gift.

The collection of twinkling treasures wouldn’t be complete without a Santa ornament and this purple globe shows Santa’s sack loading down his sleigh being pulled by three reindeer, the front one having a red nose like Rudolph. Santa looks jolly waving to you with a yellow star blinking just above his hand and the image wraps around the entire ornament for a blinking display in 360 degrees!

Religious Light Up Ornaments

The Nativity light up ornament shows Jesus sleeping in his manger while Mary and Joseph look upon him, a sheep standing guard while the three wise men stand in procession to presents the Messiah with their unique gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The starry night twinkles over the palm trees. This personalized ornament will be a favorite on the tree.

Made of lightweight material, these light up ornaments will hang gently on the boughs of your tree, and as these ornaments are as sturdy as they are pretty, they’re perfect twinkling treasures for homes with small children — or playful pets. So, if you’re looking for that special something for that special someone, personalize one of these gems with your own special message or names. Click over to OrnamentShop.com and get your order in before December 15 to ensure Christmas delivery. Don’t keep the magic to yourself, share this with friends who have small children or grandchildren. What’s the story of your special ornament that your most anticipate hanging on the tree? Tell us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ornamentshop), Tweet us @MyOrnamentShop or simply comment on this blog.