Not sure what to do with the graduation tassel you have saved from your big day? Are you tired of it hanging from the rear-view mirror or adorning a doorknob in the house? Making your own graduation tassel ornament is a wonderful way to re-purpose your graduation tassel as well as commemorate a graduation from grade school, high school, college, or even an advanced degree. It’s really easy!

A Graduation Tassel Ornament is a Unique And Practical Gift!

graduation tassel ornament

Supplies Needed for a graduation tassel ornament:

  • Graduation Tassel
  • Clear Glass Ball Ornament (purchased at any craft store)
  • Paintbrush or Straw
  • Glue

Optional Supplies:

  • Paint Marker in school colors (purchased at any craft store)
  • Paper Confetti in school colors (cut your own from scrapbook paper)
  • Curling Ribbon in school colors
  • Decorative Ribbon in school colors

graduation tassel ornament supplies

Let’s Get Started to Make a Graduation Tassel Ornament!

Step 1: Carefully take the cap off of the ornament and cut a slit from hole to hole in the cap with a pair of scissors. The metal is thin and will cut easily. Add school colored paper confetti and curling ribbons into the glass ball before gluing the cap on for a burst of fun and color, especially if you have a generic gold colored graduation tassel!


Step 2: Feed the graduation tassel strands into the hole.


Step 3: Push the remaining strands of the tassel into the glass ball using a paintbrush handle or straw if you need some leverage to get it all in.


Step 4: Thread the graduation tassel’s loop through the hole on the cap of the ornament.
Tip: Be careful! Use caution because the metal may be jagged where you cut it.


Step 5: Squeeze some glue along the inside rim of the cap. Replace the cap back on the ornament and let it sit to dry.


Step 6: Pull the loop end of the graduation tassel completely through the top and replace the metal hook back in the cap.


Step 7: Using the metal hook at the top of the ornament, tie school colored ribbons in a bow.


Step 8: Using a paint marker, personalize the ornament with a name, school name and/or degree and then your graduation tassel ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree!


That’s all you need to make your very own graduation tassel keepsake!

Put it in a gift box and you have a memorable, unique and practical gift for your graduate. Anything that you can do to turn memories into keepsakes is a great way to prevent storing a pile of memorabilia that never gets looked at again. Now, every Christmas you can reminisce about your educational achievements and experiences.

Graduate hat and tassel Christmas ornaments are great for high school, college or any graduation in which you remember the proud moment of switching your graduation tassel from the right to the left during the commencement ceremony, signifying your big accomplishment!

graduation tassel ornament boxed

If you’d rather get an ornament personalized with all of your graduate’s essential information, check out our selection of personalized graduation ornaments and we will do the work for you!

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