On St. Patrick’s Day everyone want to feel like they have the luck of the Irish, so why not decorate your home with a unique Wreath to hang on your door and welcome all those who enter. Harness your inner leprechaun spirit and cover your wreath for St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, the Irish symbol for hope, love and luck.




Want your home to be lucky? Make your own wreath decoration to hang on your door for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s easy, fun and this DIY wreath can be done in 4 easy steps with only 4 supplies!

St. Patrick's Day Decoration

Make A St. Patrick’s Day Wreath In 4 Easy Steps!

Supplies To Make A Wreath For St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Foam ring or wreath
  • Festive shamrock or St. Patrick’s Day ribbon (we used a green plaid)
  • Personalized Irish ornament from OrnamentShop.com
  • Decorative shamrocks (we used self-adhesive felt stickers)

St. Patrick's Day  Decoration Supplies

Step 1: Cover the wreath by winding the St. Patrick’s Day ribbon around it.

St. Patrick's Day Decoration - Step 1

Step 2: Tie a bow on the top of the wreath. Make sure it is securely attached.

St. Patrick's Day Decoration - Step 2

Step 3: Thread the ornament hanger or hook through the bow. Make sure it is secure! Allow the St. Patrick’s Day ornament to dangle low enough that it appears in the center of the ring and doesn’t come up to high on the bow at the top of the wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Decoration - Step 3

Step 4: Attach decorative touches such as multi-colored green shamrocks. We used self-adhesive felt ones, but you can use self-adhesive foam shamrocks or if you have another kind of shamrocks that aren’t self-adhesive, you may have to use some glue.

St. Patrick's Day Decoration - Step 4

That’s it! Your wreath is complete! Hang your beautiful St. Patrick’s Day decoration on the door, welcoming all who enter with a little bit of luck o’ the Irish!

St. Patrick's Day Decoration



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