A Gorgeous Christmas Table

Mother always said presentation was just as important as the food, and having a great looking table puts everyone in a festive mood.  An easy method is to start with a solid color tablecloth, then place a lace tablecloth or 2 lace runners on top of the solid tablecloth so the solid color shows through.  Next, lay a runner down the center, perhaps in a festive Christmas design that coordinates with the bottom solid tablecloth.  You could even lay down runners the short length of the table and use them as placemats.

For the centerpiece, make sure it is not so tall as to obstruct each other’s views.  Inserting battery powered LED lights into centerpieces has become popular because there are no cords getting in the way, they remain cool to the touch, and are small so can be easily hidden.  Tables where the food or desserts may be served buffet style can be decorated with clear vases or bowls filled with colorful ornaments.

Kids are usually hyperactive the closer you get to Christmas, so keeping them busy benefits both parents.  Have the kids help in decorating name cards, filling Christmas favors, or posting pictures of each person by their place.  Children could also fold napkins and set the table with silverware, or roll the silverware in a Christmas napkin, then secure it with ribbon. You may like the look and festivity of placing candles on every table and lighting them just as people are sitting down.

Most important, however, is to do the entire setup the day before the holiday, along with baking any desserts, and as much food preparation as possible.  This will take some stress off the holiday plus allow you time to buy anything you realized you were missing.

More ideas can be found in the article “Christmas Table Decorations”.

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