I have always been intrigued by Mosaic Ornaments as well as the fascinating assortment of Bugs that you can find in your backyard during the summer months. In pairing these two things, I have come up with a neat DIY ornament project to cure the summertime blues.

Mosaic ornaments can be made with any sort of materials.  I have chosen to use broken glass because I like the mirrored sheen to it, but these bugs can be made from tiny, colorful seed beads or even construction paper scraps for young artists. Get creative with the craft materials you have handy!

One DIY ornament displayed in 4 pictures to show each mosaic bug | OrnamentShop.com

Create A Series Of Beautiful Bugs On Mosaic Ornaments

I decided my mosaic ornaments would feature different inspirational sayings to represent four of my favorite summer bugs.  I chose to make a bumble bee, ladybug, butterfly and dragonfly, all displayed around the circumference of one clear glass ball ornament.

Supplies for Mosaic Ornaments:

  • Clear Glass Ball Ornament
  • Broken glass, Seed Beads or Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Black Paint Marker
  • Variety of different Blue Paints
  • White Paint
  • Ribbon

A basket of mosaic ornaments supplies including a few broken ball ornaments that should be handled carefully | OrnamentShop.com

Step 1: Using the black paint marker, draw the outline of the bugs that you will use as the basis for your mosaic ornaments pattern.  Space them so they wrap around the entire surface of the glass ball. I chose to make a bee, butterfly, ladybug and dragonfly ornament.

Step 1 is to outline your mosaic shapes on the clear class ball ornament | OrnamentShop.com

Step 2: Using whatever materials you have decided for your mosaic tiles, glue the pieces into the frame of the bugs.  Do not worry if you go over the lines with your mosaic pieces.  Separate into sections by using different colors.

Note: If you choose to use glass, remember the edges can be very sharp, so proceed with caution.

Step 2 is to fill in your outline with colorful scraps, whether you choose beads, construction paper, or glass. Be very careful with the edges of the glass if you choose this material | OrnamentShop.com

Step 3: Carefully remove the ornament cap and squeeze some of all of the colors of paint into the glass ball.

Step 3 is to pour blue and white paint into the clear glass ball and then swirl it around to coat the inside | OrnamentShop.com

Swirl around the glass ball mixing the blues and white so that you are making a blue sky with puffy clouds.  You may shake the glass ball to help mix the blues and coat the inside.  Make sure as you are doing this that you cover the hole of the glass ball with your thumb.

The inside of the ball is coated with blue and white paint like the sky and clouds | OrnamentShop.com

Step 4: Using the paint marker, re-draw the black lines around your shapes to give them a crisp and clean outline.  Personalize the ornament with inspirational sayings.  I decided on Be Happy for the bumble bee, Be Beautiful for the butterfly, Be Brave for the dragonfly and Be Unique for the ladybug.

Step 4 is to trace your mosaics again with a darker outline so that they stand out | OrnamentShop.com

Step 5: Tie a summery ribbon to the top and you have your inspirational mosaic bugs personalized ornament.

Step 5 is to tie a ribbon through the top loop of the ornament | OrnamentShop.com

That’s it!  These pretty mosaic ornaments featuring bugs is unique.  They make great gifts for people who could use a little reminder that they are beautiful and joyful.  When paired with a candle and lucky bamboo plant, mosaic ornaments make a cute display for a windowsill.

The final product sits on a window sill with a bright red ladybug facing the camera, next to a bamboo plant | OrnamentShop.com

Do you love insects, but not crafting?  Get buggy with it when you buy Personalized Insect Ornaments. Decorate a spring themed tree, or create a unique warm-weather display in your home!

A dragonfly, butterfly, ladybug and bee ornament available to personalize and buy online | OrnamentShop.com

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