Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the priceless treasure of a mom you have by giving meaningful gifts and doing thoughtful deeds. While you may be just perfect in your mother’s eyes, she will want to feel appreciated and loved on May 12th, so we have some Mothers Day ideas and gift ornaments that are sure to make her smile.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

How you feel about the unconditional love you receive from your mother is most often what dictates how elaborate the gift giving needs to be. Homemade Mothers Day gifts always show care and consideration, so no matter what you decide to do, present her with a gift from your heart.

Super Mom Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers of young children are often exhausted, so they like Mothers Day ideas that give them a much needed day of rest or time off from running the household!


Gifts that revolve around arts and crafts the kids can make with a little supervision are one-of-a-kind presents she will adore. Thumbprint, handprint or footprint art is always adorable and the kids will love digging their hands and feet into some paint. Using a handprint, you can make practical hot mitts, thumbprints are good for making flower petal artwork and footprints make excellent butterfly wings or can be used to decorate a functional step stool in the bathroom.


I Love You, Because… Mothers Day Ideas

The do-it-all mom of school age children should have a day that they don’t have to juggle the family schedule of life events such as carpooling, sports or after-school activities.


Show your appreciation for all that mothers do. Mothers Day ideas should be about things to do for her. If she loves to be pampered, put together a spa gift basket and have the children make her breakfast in bed. Tell her how much she is loved with a handmade book that starts with “I love you because…” and have the kids write in their reasons. A really sweet idea is having kids create a coupon book with all of the tasks that mom tries to get them to do, but somehow never get done. She will love being able to hand them a coupon in the future, obligating them to clean their room, take out the trash or empty the dishwasher!

Mothers-Day-Spa-Basket  Mothers-Day-Coupon-Book  Mothers-Day-Book

My Mother, My Best Friend… Mothers Day Ideas

A mother is like a rose, each one beautiful in her own way.  For mothers who have adult children, they want to be appreciated as a peer, inspiration and friend.


Mothers Day ideas for your mom should be personal and sentimental. Pick up a copy of 50 Shades of Grey for a mom who likes a little spicy reading, or a journal for her to record her most precious thoughts. Getting that purse that she has eyed in the window of her favorite department store is always a plus and she will be tickled that you remembered. Or, purchase a personalized ornament for mom from which will leave a lasting impression on how much she means to you, such as the one above that reads: What a beautiful world it would be, if everyone had the Mom that God gave to me!

Mothers-Day-Fifty-Shades Mothers-Day-Purse You-re-the-Greatest-Mom

Whatever Mothers Day ideas you choose to celebrate her special day, remember to make it heartfelt. You are lucky to have been graced with a mother who has shaped you into the person you are today. A mother’s love cannot be replaced or replicated.

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