Motivate Your Active Kids with Keepsakes

Join us as we discuss the best ways to reward kids for their hard work!

It’s important to always encourage our kids to reach their full potential. Now that spring sports are in full swing and schools are winding down for the last few months of the semester, there’s a lot that can distract a student!

Children understandably have a hard time staying focused. It happens to the best of us, especially the little ones whose minds are still developing.

Start with a Conversation

One simple way to help them keep up the good work is to explain why it’s important. Sometimes, this is all it takes to encourage kids to do chores.

Meaningful conversationsAn artistic child ornament has paint on his face and shirt | help children interpret why they should be doing something they don’t feel like doing, and gives parents a chance to see the kid’s point of view, too. If a child doesn’t feel like cleaning up, a conversation about why it’s important to clean up will lead parents to how they can best convince the child instead of insisting they must just do the work.

When it comes to motivating kids for daily tasks they don’t feel like doing, it’s easy to get stuck into a cycle where they expect a reward. Rewards are easy for parents to give and for kids to receive, but it’s really a bribe. By giving candy for doing homework, for example, there might be a time when the child won’t do homework because there’s no more candy.

When to Reward

An equestrian girl ornament leads her brown horse | OrnamentShop.comFor tasks that kids actually love to do, such as playing a sport or spending time on a hobby, there doesn’t usually need to be a reward because accomplishing those activities is exciting and self-rewarding. But kids do get burnt out and feel like quitting sometimes, even if it was their choice from the beginning.

There are still many reasons why your child might want to quit something they chose to enjoy, and a conversation is important to try and empathize with why they would rather stop. If you find by talking that the reason they want to quit is because they’re bored and tired of it, it may be time for a new activity.

A child ornament happily holds a stack of books with one title "Treasure Island" and the other his name | OrnamentShop.comHowever, if they want to quit because they don’t think they’re getting better and think there’s no point to practicing, you could try gifting them a keepsake to remind them why they loved the activity to begin with.

If your child doesn’t want to read because it’s too hard, a personalized ornament can represent his or her favorite book with your child’s name on it. If your child is getting tired of karate, a karate ornament that resembles him or her can help encourage your child to embrace the challenges. A keepsake is a reminder of what they’ve already accomplished, and that they still belong with the activity even if it’s gotten tougher.

Kids just want to know that you’re proud of them for trying really hard, after all!

Do you have a great parenting trick for motivating your kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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