Are you looking for a variety of your favorite movie and TV show characters?

Celebrating Christmas is all about our favorite family memories. We spend so much time in the family living area, usually just watching our favorite shows and movies. We remember funny movie quotes, and we cherish those memories just the same as any other quality family time together.

For kids, a movie or show can be very important for this time in their childhood. Help them remember the best times for when they grow up by gifting an ornament to represent their fictional role models. They’ll cherish the ornament just like a toy, and honor it year after year.

Sometimes it’s tough to find the perfect ornament to represent your movie or show. When this happens, we come up with our own DIY ornaments! Check our our DIY blog for the best projects for kids, and see below for our best character ornament projects.

Find Your Favorite Movie, Netflix & TV Series Ornaments

1. The TV Watcher

This ornament is perfect for your dad, brother or friend who has his very own recliner chair and loves nothing more than relaxing at home.

A man in an armchair watching his favorite shows. |

2. Darth Vader

Darth Vader is an icon that spans generations! We have ornaments for Star Wars characters both old and new, but we all know this iconic character will always have a special place.

A fully clad standing Darth Vader Ornament. |

3. Frozen

This hit Disney movie is so magical! We love celebrating Elsa around Christmas time. So many kids look up to her, and can’t help but watch it every winter season.

A big head Elsa ornament from Frozen. |

4. Stranger Things

Are you a fan of the sci-fi Netflix show, Stranger Things? We had so much fun making this DIY based on an iconic scene from the first season of the show.

A Netflix Stranger Things ornament with lights and alphabet. |

5. Despicable Me

The minions are so funny and cool for many kids. They were such a hit, and our favorite is Stuart!

A minion ornament named Stuart from Despicable Me. |

6. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is such a thrilling show to follow. We enjoy making spooky ornaments around Halloween and this DIY ornament is easy to make with just a few supplies!

The Walking Dead DIY ornament. |

7. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer ran for 14 years! This show has affected so many young children’s lives and continues to introduce young children to Spanish even today.

A Dora the Explorer ornament of Dora's head in a red cap. |

8. Doc McStuffins

This show is a newer one and we were so excited to make these DIY ornaments! Make one for each character on the show with your kids.

Doc McStuffins ornaments for the whole cast and your family to make. |

9. The Titanic

The Titanic is such a classic, and so is this movie ornament. This historical event turned into such a powerful movie worth commemorating year after year.

A DIY Titanic ornament for you to make. |

10. Sherlock Gnomes

When this movie came out, kids were so excited! Did you know it’s in the same universe as Toy Story?

Two Sherlock Gnomes ornaments for your kids to make. |

Be sure to check back on throughout the winter season as we add new show and movie ornaments! When a great show comes out, it usually takes time before we can stock for all the new fans.

We are always looking for new TV show ideas to create DIY ornaments so everyone can enjoy their favorite icons.

Do you have a request for us to make a DIY show or movie ornament? Tell us in the comments below!

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