Play a little music and buy music ornaments on May 22nd, because it is National Buy A Musical Instrument Day! It’s a great day to begin your musical training and buy a musical instrument. Or, if you are tone deaf and don’t have a musical bone in your body, has a variety of personalized music ornaments that look like miniature instrument replicas for you to buy instead! We have music ornaments to represent many genres of music such as Classical Music, Rock Music and Folk Music.

Music Ornaments For Classical Music Lovers

You can buy a music ornaments from that is a quality miniature replica of the real instruments with details that will amaze and delight you. We have everything for your budding grade school musician who is in their school band or orchestra. Our most popular orchestra ornaments are violin, cello and bass. Our most popular band instruments are flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and French horn, but we have so many more!

Music Ornaments - Violin Music Ornaments - Saxophone Music Ornaments - Drum

The exceptional music ornaments are so high quality, you can practically hear the tinkling of the ivories when you look at the upright or grand piano. They are handcrafted and will be a wonderful keepsake through the years of a growing talent.

Music Ornaments - Piano

Music Ornaments For Rock Music Lovers

Your favorite rock star will love the selection of electric guitars so much that we believe when you buy music ornaments for him or her you will have a hard time choosing which one to get! We have electric guitars in red, black and brown, some with patterns and some modeled after some very influential rock guitar players like Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. With over 18 personalized guitar ornaments to choose from, you can create an entire rock band display!


Music Ornaments For Folk Music Lovers

On National Buy A Musical Instrument Day, you can celebrate the simple melodies of folk songs and other international music with personalized music ornaments. If you grew up playing the harmonica or the tambourine, we have music ornaments that even make sounds like the real thing!


We love the music ornaments representing the unique sounds of international instruments such as the dulcimer which has its origins in the mountainous regions of the United States, the ukulele from the tropical islands of Hawaii, the mandolin, a member of the lute family from Italy, the accordion from inventive Germany and Spanish guitar used to play flamenco music in Spain.


Create a music themed display and buy personalized music ornaments to help celebrate the joy and fond emotions that music elicits on May 22nd. With over 50 musical instrument ornaments to choose from, we guarantee you will find just the right one to give your favorite musician on National Buy A Musical Instrument Day.

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