Use Our Must-Have College Checklist To Confidently Send Kids To School

A College Checklist is just the thing you need to start the school year off on the right foot! Adjusting to dorm life can be challenging for an incoming freshman, so make sure you send him or her off to school with little pieces of home such as family pictures, favorite smelling laundry detergent, preferred snacks and a list of email addresses and phone numbers to stay in touch.

college checklist

The Essential Must-Have College Checklist

Our college checklist is divided by categories to make it easier to see what you need and check off the things you have already packed. Having these essentials will prevent your student from doing a lot of unnecessary shopping when they arrive at their new digs.

college checklist

Dorm Room College Checklist

  Alarm clock Bicycle
Lamp Bike helmet
Trash can Bike tire pump
Storage bins Bike lock
Under bed storage Umbrella
Bulletin board/push pins Light bulbs
Dry erase wall calendar Backpack
Mini toolkit Sports equipment
Picture hangers Deck of cards
Book light Pair of dice
Bean bag chair Area rug
Futon Posters/wall art
Foldable step ladder Shoe rack
Duct tape Yoga mat
Flashlight Safety whistle
Batteries Debit card/credit card
Hooks Wristlet/wallet
Swiffer Sunglasses
Door mirror Insect repellent
Closet organizers I.D./driver’s license

Laundry College Checklist

Laundry basket
Laundry bag
Fabric softener
Stain remover
Portable stain stick
Foldable drying rack
Lint brush
Mini sewing kit
Safety pins
Lingerie bag
Ironing board
Quarters for the machine

Bedding College Checklist

Throw blanket
Mattress pad
Bed skirt
Air mattress
Bed risers
Ear plugs

Bathroom College Checklist

Bath towels Nail clippers
Hand towels Hairstyling products
Washcloths Brush/comb
Shower caddy Tweezers
Shower flip flops Hair dryer
Shampoo/conditioner Curling iron
Body wash/soap Flat iron
Face soap Razor/shaving cream
Toothbrush/toothpaste Cotton swabs/cotton pads
Toothbrush holder Makeup remover
Dental floss Moisturizer
Cup Eye cream
Mouthwash Makeup
Deodorant Over door towel rack
Air Freshener Scale
Lotion Tissues
Pumice Lip balm
Nail file Nail polish/remover

First Aid College Checklist

First Aid Kit
Pain reliever/anti-inflammatory meds
Adhesive bandages
Cough drops
Cold medicine/decongestant
Allergy medication
Diarrhea medicine
Eye drops
Wax hair removal
Ice pack/heat pack

Kitchen College Checklist

Paper towels Energy shots
Trash bags Ramen noodles
Can/bottle opener Soup
All purpose cleaner Granola bars
Dish soap Popcorn
Food storage containers Peanut butter
Microwaveable plate Jelly
Microwaveable bowl Favorite Snacks
Mug Easy mac & cheese
Drinking glass Instant oatmeal
Fork/spoon/knife Coffee
Water bottle Creamer
Chip clips Sugar

Small Appliances Checklist

Space heater
Small fridge
Hand vacuum
Electric kettle
Coffee maker

Electronics College Checklist

Computer/laptop/tablet DVD player
Printer Favorite movies
Cell phone Extension cords
Camera Surge protector
Portable speakers Ethernet cable
Headphones Video gaming system
MP3 player Video games
TV USB flash drives

Clothing Checklist

Underwear Light/heavy jacket
Socks Gloves/scarf/hat
Pants/jeans Baseball hat
Shirts/blouses Swimsuit
Sweats Athletic shoes
Pajamas Walking shoes/sneakers
Workout clothes Boots
Slippers Business casual outfit
Robe Dressy/formal clothing
Sweaters Hangers

School Supplies Checklist

Folders Post-it notes
Notebooks Rubber bands
Daily planner Ruler
Recording device Scissors
Stapler/staples Paper clips/binder clips
Scotch tape Desk organizer
Printer paper Stamps
Pens/pencils Envelopes
Highlighters List of addresses/emails
Index cards Journal
Labels Emergency contacts

College Checklist For Being A Good Roommate

Going away to college is an exciting time! While you need a college checklist for all of the items you need to bring, don’t forget to add the 3 Cs to your list: Courtesy, Communication and Compromise! Keep this advice as part of your permanent college checklist rules of thumb! They apply not only to people you have never met before, but even roommates who are currently friends of yours. The 3 Cs will go a long way in making living with one another a joyful experience.


Courtesy: Be respectful of one another and take care to treat each other’s bad habits or flaws as you would like yours to be handled with you. Remember that you are in the same boat and probably all a little homesick, so be supportive of one another’s activities, interests and lifestyle differences.

Communication: Make sure to be open and honest with your feelings and be receptive to constructive criticism as well. Most students experience a lack of privacy from what they were used to at home. Communicate your needs rather than getting frustrated with the situation. Ask your roommate to join extra-curricular activities with you to build your relationship.

Compromise: There is always a solution if you work together to solve a problem. Meet in the middle and you will both feel as if your needs have been heard if not met. Be open to suggestions and don’t be afraid to share your perspective. You might just learn something!

Keep the 3 Cs on your college checklist and your freshman is bound to have a highly successful transition into his or her new home away from home!


We hope our college checklist is helpful. Share this with all of your friends who are sending their kids off to school too! While you are crossing off items from the best college checklist ever, don’t forget to pick up some personalized collegiate ornaments to send as Christmas decorations before midterms! They will love showing their school spirit. We have over 60 colleges and universities to choose from!

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