August 1st is National Girlfriends Day and what better way to celebrate lasting friendship than to throw a my favorite things party with your best girlfriends?


It is easy to throw a My Favorite Things Party! All you have to do is get your girlfriends together and have each one buy her favorite item within a price range that you dictate, such as a specific brand of shampoo. She explains to the group why everyone must have this cherished possession and then draws a name and gives it to the lucky recipient! It can be anything you like such as lip gloss, a handy kitchen gadget, life-simplifying organizer such as a recipe box, scented candle, delicious coffee flavor, a must-read novel or something you just can’t live without, like a specific shade of lipstick!


My Favorite Things Party Ideas

There are many variations on a my favorite things party. It depends on the number of guests attending the soiree. If you have a small group of really close girlfriends, you can bring your special item in a large quantity, one for each friend, so that everyone can enjoy your treasured find. If you have a large number of guests, you may want to only bring one of your item or five of your item. It is fun to see who the lucky winner or winners are, that get their names pulled out of a bowl and get to enjoy your gift!


It is important to set a dollar amount ahead of time for the my favorite things party so that your girlfriends all spend approximately the same amount. Know your audience! You can set price limits from a low dollar amount such as $5 for a bag of chocolates, refreshing scented soap, or set a higher dollar amount such as $20 for a kitchen gadget, compact purse umbrella or bottle of wine!


Gift cards for an adored shopping store or yummy restaurant also are great ideas for a my favorite things party. It’s all up to you and what you think your friends will love to get.


The items gifted at a my favorite things party are more fun when they are presented as a gift, so don’t forget to wrap yours as a pretty presentation. Here, you can see how we used a small organza bag for beauty products, wedding favor tulle rounds for nail polish, colored tissue paper tied with a ribbon for small gifts or simply put in a gift bag with tissue paper. You can get tons of fun supplies at any craft store. Get creative!


Want a unique gift idea for a my favorite things party that is meaningful and memorable? If you know the names of the attendees or are partying with a close group of friends, get a personalized ornament with everyone’s name on it, so it won’t matter who ends up getting your gift! They will love remembering the fun you have together when they hang it on their Christmas tree. Ornaments such as personalized family ornaments have room on them from a small party of five to a large party of 16, with room for a name on each person, who is customizable with ethnicity as well as hair color and style choices!


A my favorite things party celebrates friendship, so take lots of pictures to remember the fun! Share this idea with your girlfriends on National Girlfriends Day and let us know what you brought for your my favorite things party!


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