Novel Idea For A Book Club Member Or Book Worm

Fan clubs for a variety of literary discussion groups have popped up all over the country in the form of a Book Club. No matter what type of Book Worm you are, you can find an assembly where you can express your opinions, engage in socializations and enjoy getting lost in a good book.

Book clubs are known for their creativity and friendships — two things we at Ornament Shop love to celebrate! Book Club DIY gifts are perfectly fitting if you have a book worm friend with a birthday fast approaching or if you are participating in an ornament swap with your fellow book club members.

Book Club Christmas ornaments help capture and cherish the best moments spent together in your club. If you’re not sure about making your own ornament, browse our selection of personalized Christmas ornaments to find the perfect one to represent your fondest times reading a good book. Each one can be personalzied with names, dates and brief messages. When you purchase 5 ornaments, we offer FREE shipping!

Are you a member of a book club or do you know a book worm who keeps a copy of the New York Times bestseller list in his or her pocket? Then craft this adorable book club ornament that is guaranteed to make it to the top of any book worm holiday wish list!

Book Club DIY Ornament Gift For Book Club Members & Book Worms

You can make this wordy Book Lover Ornament in 4-5 page turning chapters (steps)! This Book Club DIY is easy and can be customized in so many ways to fit you or your friend’s favorite books.


  • Clear glass ball ornament
  • Miniature books (dollhouse size)
  • Paperback novel
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon
  • Paint marker (optional)

Book Club Supplies

Step 1 (optional): Write the names of books that your book club has read on the little miniature books. If you are doing this book club DIY for a book worm, select his or her favorite novel titles.

Book Worm ornament

Step 2: Remove the cap from the ornament and push the miniature books through the opening. You may have to bend the books to get them to fit.

Book Club Ornament

Step 3: Cut strips from the pages of the novel.

Book Club Ornament

Step 4: Tightly wind the novel strips around the pencil and hold for 30 seconds. Carefully unwind, maintaining the curl.

Book Club Ornament

Step 5: Feed the curled pages from the novel into the ornament and replace the cap. Shake to mix the miniature books and strips of paper.

Book Worm Ornament

Step 6: Tie a decorative ribbon on the ornament.

Book Club Ornament

Step 7 (optional): Personalize the outside of the glass ball with a favorite saying, book club name or the name of the book worm you are making the ornament for.

Book Club Ornament

That’s it! Now you have a book club ornament any book worm will hang on a stand as a decoration on their table, mantelpiece or shelf in a home office or library. You can even make one for every member of your book club as a unique Christmas gift they will always remember!


Book Club Christmas Ornaments: Books, Reading & Learning

Book Club members are all so warm-hearted and always up for a fun dicsusion about a good book! Book Club Christmas ornaments make wonderful gifts for book club members, but are also perfect for placing on your own tree as a special gift to yourself.

This way, each year you can look back at your Book Club ornament and remember the best times reading and making friends out of the year. Christmas ornaments are meant to forever memorialize your most important moments throughout the year and you’ll always have your personalzied Book Club Christmas ornament to recall and tell stories about your Book Club experience. While celebrating the holidays with friends and family, bring your good times as a Book Club member into your annual traditions!

If you’re an avid reader and not sure if you want a Book Club Christmas ornament, you can also take a look at many of our other ornaments representing books, reading and learning. Teachers love these ornaments and we’re sure people who enjoy reading will love them too!

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Book ornament

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