Gather around the fireplace and cozy up as you spin your very own Once Upon A Time yarn on “Tell A Fairy Tale Day” this February 26th. The reason fairy tales have existed for thousands of years is the all ages entertainment value of folkloric characters in stories that are grounded in historical truth. With everyone looking for their very own fairy tale ending, allow yourself this day to open your mind and tell a story that inspires imagination!

Once Upon A Time Stories Have Memorable Characters

Exploring the myths and stories that make up Grimm’s Fairy Tales and even some of today’s urban legends, it is important to understand the Once Upon A Time characters of folklore. When telling a fairy tale today, dream up unusual and eccentric characters. Only in a good fairy tale can you find fantastical creatures such as:

once upon a time - yellow fairy

  • Fairies
  • Goblins
  • Demons
  • Mermaids
  • Dwarfs
  • Gnomes
  • Elves
  • Ogres
  • Trolls
  • Witches
  • Giants
  • Dragons
  • All Sorts of Talking Animals

Boys love the battling of foes and heroes overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, while girls dream of castles in far off lands, beautiful princesses and falling in love with the gallant prince.

once upon a time - red dragon

Magic Always Plays A Part In Once Upon A Time Stories

The Once Upon A Time myths almost always have magic, spells or enchantments involved that create an environment in which all of the interactions and scenarios become real and believable in the mind of the listener.  Great storytellers have the ability to open your mind to the possibilities and children are the most captive audience. Walt Disney certainly brought this magic to life with his theme parks, wonderful animation and stories that have been beloved for generations.

once upon a time - pinocchio

Once Upon A Time Story Guessing Game Good For All Ages

If you are not much of a storyteller of your own, feel free to open a book such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Aesop’s Fables and read your children a Once Upon A Time story on Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Or, if you want to have some additional fun, play our “Guess The Once Upon A Time Story” from the clues given. How many can you and your children answer? A fun way to celebrate because everyone wants to live happily ever after…

hansel and gretel - once upon a time

Fairy Tale Guessing Game

  1. Which fairy tale boasts a yummy house made from candy and sweets?
  2. Which fairy tale has a mean troll living under a bridge that wants to eat you up?
  3. Which fairy tale takes place around an overgrown plant that reaches as high as the clouds?
  4. Which fairy tale has her royalty questioned with a small green vegetable?
  5. Which fairy tale has a pumpkin that is magically transformed into a carriage?
  6. Which fairy tale has an enchanted castle with servants transformed into household objects?
  7. Which fairy tale tells of a queen who is to give up her firstborn child to an imp unless she can come up with his unusual name?
  8. Which fairy tale provides the lesson that “slow and steady wins the race”?
  9. Which fairy tale has a princess who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel?
  10. Which fairy tale has a sneaky and sly wolf who pretends to be a grandmother?

Share this blog with family and friends who could use a little fun and use their imagination! If you get stumped on any of the questions, comment on this blog and we will help you get the answers! Check out our personalized fairy tale ornaments and select your child’s favorite story as a cherished keepsake.

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