At Ornament Shop, we love Christmas parties! We always enjoy coming up with new party ideas to suggest for each new holiday season, including ornament gift exchanges.

If you’re getting ready for a friends or family party, you might want to learn about ornament gift exchanges. These are always a lot of fun and could be a new tradition for you to start!

What is an ornament gift exchange party?

An ornament gift exchange party is when everyone invited to the party must bring an ornament gift to swap. It’s usually an anonymous gift swap, but you might also be assigned a person to give your gift to.

Your ornament gift should be full of the Christmas spirit and unique from what all other party goers will bring. Many people look for DIY ornaments to create one specifically for the exchange party. That way, everyone will take notice of the unique ornament and the guest who receives the ornament will cherish it on the tree as a special memory with you.

1. Christmas Morning Ornament

An ornament exchange idea for a DIY Christmas morning ornament, perfect for everyone who celebrates Christmas. |

Everyone can appreciate an ornament gift representing Christmas morning! This DIY ornament is made by painting a Christmas tree on the back and dropping mini present boxes inside.

We’ve personalized the front with a family name, but you could also personalize the front for the party by saying “Merry Christmas” and the date of the ornament gift exchange party.

2. Metal Tools Ornament

An ornament exchange idea for DIY metal tools, easy for those who have a toolbox. |

These two matching ornaments are very easy with our instructions. We’ve picked our the right screws, nuts and washers to piece together a candy cane and Christmas tree. They’re perfect for gifting to handymen or if you already have a toolbox with all of your materials.

Paint your ornaments with the perfect finishing touches and anyone will love receiving these creative Christmas gifts at the exchange party.

3. Polar Bear OrnamentAn ornament exchange idea for a polar bear, perfect for kids and everyone who loves the winter holidays. |

Polar bears are a classic holiday icon that everyone will adore having on their tree. If you’d like to create an adorably festive ornament for your gift exchange, this polar bear ornament is perfect.

In our instructions we walk you through four easy steps requiring just a few materials including a glass ball ornament, white paint, white felt and black marker.

4. Hot Chocolate Ornament

An ornament exchange idea for a DIY hot chocolate ornament to represent fun memories by the fireplace this winter. |

When chilly weather strikes, we all love reaching for hot chocolate. It’s a holiday tradition to enjoy a cup by the fire side and on snow days. At an ornament gift exchange, this simple gift will fit right in.

This hot chocolate ornament is very simple by swirling the chocolate color within a plastic cup and topping it with cotton balls. Add our accents for a straw and ribbon, and don’t forget to personalize the front.

5. Upcycled Jewelry Ornament

An ornament exchange idea for a jewelry ornament, perfect for gifting to someone to cherish on their Christmas tree. |

If you’re looking for a dazzling ornament idea, try “upcycling” your old jewelry. Look into your jewelry box for pieces you haven’t worn in a long time, including costume jewelry you’ve grown tired of or necklaces that have fallen apart. Paint the inside of your glass ball ornament with a base color and follow our patterns with the materials you’ve gathered.

This one is sure to be appreciated, and comes at little cost while you clear out some of your old jewelry.

Find Ornament Exchange Ornaments

If you’re not sure about making your own ornament for the gift exchange, then you’re not alone and could try a personalized Christmas ornament.

At Ornament Shop, we personalize thousands of ornament over the holidays and would love to help you pick out the perfect ornament to bring to your party. Browse our classic ornaments category for a traditional ornament.

Do you have your own idea for an ornament gift exchange? Share with us in the comments below!

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