Almost fifty years after their last championship win, the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup this past June.  Perhaps more so than in any other sport, the Stanley Cup is a championship series full of superstitions and traditions.  (Leading up to the final game, the Hawks grew their beards out and refused to lay eyes on the cup, for fear of jinxing themselves.)  Every year the winning team all get to hold the antique cup immediately after the win, then each will keep the cup for a day, usually taking it home with him — sometimes far across the globe.  The most striking feature of the Stanley Cup itself is the engraved names that cover the base.  The names of every member of every team who has won the cup are immortalized there, making the players’ time with the cup that much more special. is pleased to announce the arrival of an NHL Officially Licensed Chicago Blackhawks Christmas ornament, celebrating their long awaited win.  This glass ornament sports the team’s home uniform in red, with a detailed Blackhawks emblem on the jersey.  Whether you’ve got a dedicated Hawks fan in the family or an aspiring hockey player at home, this ornament will surely put a smile on someone’s face, and remind them of that historical 2010 championship game when the Chicago Blackhawks finally brought home the Stanley Cup!


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