Looking for gift toppers and ideas to make your wrapped presents unique? A large bow ornately adorning a present is so cliché. Why not spruce up your next package with a personalized ornament that will put all other gifts on the table or under the tree to shame?

Think out-of-the-box! Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore! OrnamentShop.com has ornaments for all life events such as new babies, weddings, graduations, religious occasions and other milestone events. When tied to the top of a package personalized ornaments reduce the need for a card, thus saving you money!


How To Use Ornaments As Gift Toppers

For example, this package wrapped below was for a baby’s baptism. The personalized piggy bank is wrapped in pastel baby wrapping paper with a coordinating tulle bow.  The personalized boy with a cross ornament is tied to the bow. If you don’t want the ornament to move after you have attached it to the bow, you might want to put a small piece of rolled up scotch tape on the underside of the ornament, and stick it to the top of the present. No matter which method you use, make sure that the ornament is securely fastened to protect it from damage!

Gift Topper

The parents, who were the recipients of this gift, were so thrilled to have a personalized keepsake of their son’s special day and commented on the uniqueness of the gift toppers to enhance the gift wrap. They loved the idea of not only having a baptism gift, but an ornament that they could hang on the tree at Christmas, to remember the joyful event.

Ornament Gift Toppers Commemorate Life Events

By the time Christmas rolls around, too many times we forget about the little milestones and occurrences of the year that would be nice to commemorate with a personalized ornament on the Christmas tree. To counteract this phenomenon, it is always best to buy ornaments for happenings in your life at the time that they occur. If you make gift toppers a regular practice for all gift giving occasions, you’ll be surprised at the wonderful collection of the year’s events your family will have, when it is time to decorate the tree in December!

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