Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Girlfriends

Ornaments for girlfriends celebrate love, commitment and fun memories that last a lifetime. With so many special moments spent with your girlfriend, whether she’s your significant other or your best friend, it can be tough to choose the perfect personalized girlfriend gift.

Luckily, we have the largest selection of personalized Christmas ornaments online! You’ll definitely find the ornament to represent your girlfriend here. We choose each ornament individually to stock our shop, and I’ve also narrowed down your options even further so you can find the perfect one.

Christmas is all about appreciating traditions and the people you love, so gifting your loved one an ornament is very fitting. These make wonderful annual gifts. Each year, she will hang the ornament on the tree and think fondly of you.

Ornaments for Girlfriends as Best Friends

Your best girlfriend is there for so many life experiences, but also just for day-to-day fun. You might want to choose a girlfriend ornament to represent a fun hobby you have in common or you might rather choose an ornament to express a unique message. We offer glass ball ornaments with many unique sayings of friendship.

Girlfriends glass ball ornament with three stick figures and the saying Girlfriends make life more fine. |


Some of the best times I’ve spent with my girlfriends has been while shopping and bowling! You might find the perfect sports ornament or hobby ornament to gift to your girlfriend this Christmas to represent your favorite times together.

Two brunet girls take a selfie together on an ornament. |

Vacations are also great moments to memorialize. Have you gone to the beach with your girlfriends? Maybe you just spent a night getting away from it all with a bottle of wine! Celebrate these blissful times together for a lifetime through a personalized girlfriend gift as a Christmas ornament.

Three ladies hold three giant wine and martini glasses on an ornament. |

Ornaments for Girlfriends with Couples

It’s such a joy to hang Christmas ornaments together as a couple! Especially when you are in a new relationship, the traditions you form now are very important. You’re setting a lovely foundation for the rest of your life together.

Our Penguins in Sweaters ornament is one of our cutest and most popular couples ornaments. You can personalize each of your names on the brim of the hats and you can personalize the brief phrase on the bottom of the banner!

Two penguins stand in front of a Christmas tree personalized with names wearing sweaters. |

Many couples ornaments represent landmark moments in your relationship. We’ve talked about our favorite personalized couples ornaments in the past to help you narrow down your choices, such as if you have pets, and you can browse our whole selection of couples ornaments!

Funny Girlfriend Ornaments

Some of the best ornaments for a girlfriend are hilarious. She’ll laugh the moment she sees this ornament and she’ll laugh again every time she brings it out of storage.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorite funny ornaments for her. You might have a girlfriend who enjoys her own spa day every once in a while, enjoys drinking Bloody Marys on the weekends, or can’t help but get addicted to Candy Crush. These are just a few of our very unique ornaments to fit your very unique girlfriend!

Each one can be personalized to be your perfect personalized girlfriend ornament.


Which is your favorite girlfriend ornament? Tell us in the comments below!

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