Tie An Ornament To A Paper Envelope For An Unforgettable Gift

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Looking for an unusual way to dress up a monetary gift or card in a paper envelope? Personalized ornaments are the perfect complement to your uninspired (but always appreciated!) gifts of money. Not only is it easy to do, but adding a meaningful touch to your gift will show the recipient that you put thought into his or her special day.

OrnamentShop.com has over 4,500 personalized ornaments for you to choose from for every occasion, so finding just the right one is a snap! Our customers have used an ornament to decorate a paper envelope for celebrations such as weddings, graduations, new babies, birthdays and religious events.


Another favorite way to use an ornament on a paper envelope is with Christmas cards. One crafty customer tied an ornament with a ribbon around each holiday card she distributed to coworkers at the office. This served two purposes. One, was giving a meaningful gift that you put some thought into, and two, was avoiding that awkward situation in which someone gives you a present you weren’t expecting.

How To Dress Up A Paper Envelope

It’s so easy! It only takes a couple of minutes to create a beautiful paper envelope like the one we did below for a wedding.

paper envelope

Once you have sealed the card in the envelope, measure the length (long side) and cut a matching ribbon 3 ½ to 4 times that length. Next, thread the ribbon through the ornament hook, making sure that the ornament is secure. Lay the ribbon flat out on the table and place the paper envelope in the middle of the ribbon strand. Take both ends of the ribbon and tie a bow, continually adjusting the position of the ornament to maintain its prominence towards the middle of the knot in the bow. Trim the ends of the ribbon if they hang down too low.

Helpful Tips For Paper Envelope Ornaments

  • Be certain the bow will not slide off of the envelope, by tying it snugly. You may want to bend the envelope slightly as you are tying the ribbon.
  • Placing a piece of clear Scotch tape over the ribbon across the back can make sure it is stable.
  • If the ornament seems a bit heavy, you can roll up a small piece of Scotch tape and place it on the back side of the ornament, sticking it to the paper envelope.

No matter what theme or occasion your gift is for, a pretty paper envelope dressed up with a personalized ornament will elicit make an unforgettable present.

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