Do you love decorating with themes? We’ve selected the perfect ornaments for you!

We have ornaments for every Christmas tree type here at, and we love imagining all the holiday décor we’ve been part of over the years!

Most people enjoy collecting an assortment of ornaments, and make a tradition of adding completely unique ones each winter. Other households decorate with matching ornament sets to show off their themed tree to visitors. Usually, the family tree is a mix of both! Your family may even have a Christmas tree in the living room where the presents will rest until Christmas morning, and then a separate smaller tree in the entrance way to the home as an extra decoration.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a Christmas tree theme, I’ve listed below the most popular ones and the ornaments I think would make great additions this year!

The White Christmas Tree

A winter wonderland wouldn’t be complete without the frosted white tree. White trees might also be snowman themed or snowman shaped to bring Frosty right into your home! If you’ve opted to have a white faux tree this year, then glass, silver and gold ornaments will help it sparkle, and blue ornaments will add icy, magical accents. These trees are so sophisticated, and I’ve selected some very elegant ornaments.

Gold, silver and blue glass ornaments are cut into star, snowflake icicle and other holiday symbols, and are perfect for decorating an elegant white Christmas tree. |

  1. Set of Four Blue Ornaments
  2. Clear Spun Glass Moravian Star
  3. Set of Three Silver Intricate Cut Out Metal Shapes
  4. Set of Three Gold Intricate Cut Out Metal Shapes
  5. Traditional Elongated Beaded Shape Ornament
  6. Set of Six Lace Gold and White Snowflake Ornaments

The Beach Christmas Tree

The best times of the year often happen while away on vacation, so it’s very common to collect and decorate with ornaments from those memories! Beach themed Christmas tree decorations always remind me of the best warm-weather times of my life. You may also be in a coastal region and would love to show off your ocean spirit year-round. Some of these ornaments can be personalized for a family’s beach vacation, while others I just think are beautiful and represent marine life.

Ornaments including a wooden sailboat, flip flops, a palm tree, sand bucket, a realistic sea turtle and a realistic stingray are all perfect for a beach themed Christmas tree. |

  1. Wooden Yacht Sailboat with Blue Hull Ornament
  2. Flip Flops Family Personalized Ornament
  3. Beach Scene Ornament
  4. Realistic Blue Tang Fish Ornament
  5. Sand Bucket Personalized Ornament
  6. Realistic Stingray Ornament

The Classic Christmas Tree

When you think of a Christmas tree, the classics should come to mind, but there’s actually more variety to this theme than you’d first expect. You might first think of the commercial classics, including Disney, Coca-Cola and 1964’s Rudolph. You could also go with a more traditional theme to decorate with religious symbols, such as angels, or more reminiscent figures, such as The Nutcracker. My selection of ornaments for this type of tree blends the two varieties because I think both categories complement each other very well!

Ornaments including a recycled snowflake ornament from a Coca-Cola can, a Santa on Silk collectible, a Frosty the Snowman Ornament, wooden carved ornaments, and a jumping jack Nutcracker ornament, all perfect for a traditional or classic Christmas tree. |

  1. Glass Ball Ornament for the Song “O Come All Ye Faithful”
  2. Coca-Cola Recycled Snowflake
  3. Jumping Jack Nutcracker Ornament
  4. Set of Four hanging Wooden Bell Ornaments
  5. Winking Santa Ornament
  6. Frosty the Snowman with a Broom

The Patriotic Christmas Tree

Red, white and blue are festive Christmas colors, but are also the colors of the American flag! Patriotic ornaments fit so nicely with Christmas trees to display our stars and stripes. We have ornaments to represent many national monuments across the country and we have ornaments for each branch of the military if you’re interested in decorating for a military Christmas tree. I can see the ornaments I’ve selected below belonging on a tree that honors our country.

Ornaments including the American Flag, Uncle Sam as Santa, the shape of the US, and a Bald Eagle all make perfect ornaments for a patriotic themed Christmas tree. |

  1. Patriotic Cathedral Stained Glass Star
  2. Waving American Flag Ornament
  3. Santa as Uncle Sam Ornament
  4.  Bald Eagle Ornament
  5. United States Country Shape Ornament
  6. Mt. Rushmore Ornament

The Western Christmas Tree

Do you love horseback riding, country music and the spirit of Christmas? The Wild West was a time of exploration and determination, while Christmas is all about family and tradition. I have the perfect category of ornaments for people who are looking for western Christmas decorating ideas or ideas for a cowboy Christmas party. Below are some of my absolute favorites!

Ornaments including a glass ball that says Merry Christmas Y'all, a disc with a brown horse running, a cowgirl that can be personalized, a gun cabinet, a train and a banjo are all perfect ornaments for a Western themed Christmas tree. |

  1. Glass Ball with “Merry Christmas Y’all”
  2. Capiz Horse Disc
  3. Gun Cabinet Ornament
  4. Cowgirl with Hat Personalized Ornament
  5. Black and Red Locomotive Ornament
  6. Realistic Banjo Ornament

The Foodie Christmas Tree

Polish glass ornaments are some of the most unique you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our amazing food ornaments are so life-like! For any chef, gardener, baker or general food lover, we have many ornaments to choose from. These are some of my favorites, but take a look at our whole selection of food and drink ornaments for decorating a dessert-themed, ingredient-themed, or even wine-themed tree of your own!

Polish glass ornaments of an ice cream bar, a plate of breakfast, grapes, an artichoke, sushi rolls and a cheeseburger all are perfect for a food themed Christmas tree. |

  1. Chocolate Ice Cream Bar Ornament
  2. American Breakfast Plate Ornament
  3. Grapes Ornament
  4. Artichoke Ornament
  5. Set of Three Sushi Roll Ornaments
  6. Grilled Cheeseburger Ornament

Is there a Christmas tree theme you’d like me to include next time? Share your idea in the comments!