How to Choose Personalized Christmas Ornaments as Wedding Favors

Weddings and Christmas have the most magical things in common. Both celebrate tradition, family, and unconditional love!

That’s why ornaments make wonderful wedding favors to share this unique connection with all of your party guests. Each year after your wedding, your guests will remember the special day by hanging the wedding favor ornaments on their tree.

But there are so many personalized Christmas ornaments to choose from. Some of the best options can be found in our anniversary and wedding ornaments category. Glass ball ornaments also make perfect favors to buy in large quantities with a custom order if you have many guests. These can be customized in many ways!

For help narrowing down your options, I’ve picked out my favorites below!

4 Types of Wedding Favor Ornaments

Glass Ball Wedding Favors

Custom glass ball ornaments allow you to choose from many colors and to provide your very own print design! You can choose the color of your wedding or a classic silver or gold color for your glass balls. The message could be your new family name with the date of the wedding, the location of the wedding, or more brief messages of your choosing.

We’ve done so many special glass ball ornaments and would love to help you create the perfect design for your wedding! The minimum quantity is 96 with very affordable options starting at $6.50 each.

Hand Personalized Ornaments as Wedding Favors

By choosing a hand personalized ornament for your wedding favor you have many unique options to choose from. These can represent a traditional wedding, such as the bride and groom standing together, or it can represent the theme of your wedding, such as a nautical wreath if you are married at the beach.

These include many of our most popular ornaments to choose from. The minimum quantity is 24 per order starting at $8.95 per ornament.

Specialty Glass Wedding Favors

If you’re looking for delicate, high-quality ornaments to purchase for your wedding, our specialty glass ornaments are dazzling. We offer standard shapes, such as glass hearts and round discs, for you to detail custom personalization about your wedding. We’re able to print many types of logos and designs on these beautiful glass ornaments.

The minimum quantity is 72 and prices start around $12.

Memory Globe Wedding Favors

Is there a 3D image you would love to commemorate for you wedding in a custom memory globe? It could be the venue of your wedding or another special location relating to your relationship. These ornaments are so enchanting! We require a few months notice on these ornaments,so let us know early if you are interested! The minimum quantity is 500 and pricing starts at $14.

Don’t forget to browse our full wedding and anniversary ornaments category, too! We have many wedding-oriented ornaments to choose from.

Did you find the perfect wedding favors? Tell us your favorite option below!

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