I’ve always thought that silly, cute, and funny Christmas ornaments are wonderful for so many reasons. Not only do they make us laugh; they also remind us of the good times we’ve shared together, bringing us joy and that wonderful warm feeling we get when we spend the holidays with friends and family.

Although I feel that all of these ornaments are funny on their own, they may resonate more deeply for some of you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling or even laughing out loud at more than just a few of these entertaining designs.

I have to admit, I had a brilliant time shopping for these funny Christmas ornaments and am so glad I was successful in finding them. Each and every one of these charming adornments makes me laugh for a different reason. But even more importantly, they each remind me of the best times I’ve shared with the people I love and cherish.

Keep in mind, we have over 5,000 ornaments available here at OrnamentShop.com, so I certainly encourage you to browse our selections for more playful personalized gift ideas. When you find funny Christmas ornaments that remind you of an inside joke or special funny moment shared with a loved one, you’ll know it immediately. Take this as a sign that it will be an excellent funny ornament gift!

Parachuting Santa Christmas Ornament

Do you ever wonder if Santa travels without his sleigh? This funny Christmas ornament shows Santa parachuting towards your chimney! It’s perfect for thrill seekers who enjoy skydiving, and for those who want to add humor to your Christmas tree. This ornament is a very cute gift for a friend who enjoys collecting Santa-themed decorations, too. We have so many adorable and funny Santas to choose from.Funny Santa ornament of a Santa parachuting. | OrnamentShop.com

Pickle Christmas Ornament

The Christmas Pickle is so much more than just a new ornament — it’s a new tradition! The pickle is a funny ornament in itself, perfect for anyone who loves to eat pickles. The Christmas Pickle Tradition has German-American roots. It’s an annual game when you hide the pickle ornament deep in the tree and the first person to find the pickle on Christmas morning wins! The winner usually gets an extra present, or they get to open their presents first.

The Christmas pickle tradition involves a pickle ornament that you can personalize. | OrnamentShop.com

Corn Hole game Girl Christmas Ornament

When your friend unwraps this funny personalized ornament, she’s sure to have a laugh! We all have fond memories spent playing games together, and a champion at corn hole will enjoy this gift. There might be a family vacation or annual picnic you recall together and every time your friend sees this ornament they will smile remembering those fun times represented with a funny Christmas ornament on their tree.

A funny personalized corn hole ornament to represent summer vacations. | OrnamentShop.com

Outhouse with Deer Insight Christmas Ornament

Families who enjoy camping and the great outdoors will find this ornament very funny. No one has fun using an outhouse, but imagine finding a deer inside! Kids sometimes have trouble using the outhouse when they’re not use to it and a funny Christmas ornament can make it a little more enjoyable. Encourage everyone to have fun with the experience of camping together! This amusing ornament will make you think of your favorite times camping with each other. It’s a creative and funny personalized ornament to give to someone for Christmas.

A funny Christmas ornament with a deer using an outhouse, perfect for friends who enjoy camping and hiking. | OrnamentShop.com

Man Cave Caveman Christmas Ornament

Whether it’s a friend, a husband, a brother, or a son, everybody knows that one guy who spends all of his time lurking around in his “man cave.” While a man cave is generally considered to be a room where the man of the house can dwell and do whatever it is men do (i.e. watch sports, play games, and put back a few cold ones), this clever ornament delivers more laughs then the Flintstones. Doubles as a great door decoration for any man’s man cave!Man Cave Caveman | OrnamentShop.com

Long Dog Christmas Ornament

Dog lovers and funny ornament lovers will be thrilled to receive this goofy dog ornament! This dog is a basset hound and wearing a tall Dr. Suess-like hat. It’s so creative and cute that anyone would love receiving this funny Christmas ornament when it comes time to open presents. Ornaments also make wonderful present toppers and can be personalized with your loved one’s name.

A funny dog Christmas ornament with a tall colorful hat. | OrnamentShop.com

Casual Friday Female / Casual Friday Male Christmas Ornament

Ah, Friday! Our Casual Friday ornaments are an awesome holiday gift for any guy or gal who works for the weekend. Perfect for a boss, co-worker, friend, or family member, these laid-back ornaments are sure to bring about more than a few laughs and will be the talk of the office.Casual Friday (Male) | OrnamentShop.com

Reindeer Family of 3

Family ornaments can be cute and funny. This reindeer family has a lot of character you might recognize in your own family. The baby reindeer looks so sweet, the dad reindeer is a “deer in the headlights,” and the mom reindeer is up to something! Funny Christmas ornaments can have a way of capturing your family in the cutest ways.

A funny family of three Christmas ornament

Fish Hooked Man Christmas Ornament

Oh, my! How the tables have turned. The fish looks overjoyed with such a big catch. The man on the end of the line, however… well, he looks a little less-than pleased. This is an excellent gift for the fisherman in your life and serves as a reminder that it’s okay to laugh, even when the fish aren’t biting.Fish Hooked Man | OrnamentShop.com

Bitten Leg Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament

Oh no! This poor gingerbread man has had a bite taken out of him! Kids will love seeing this comical ornament on their tree and bakers will love the thought of their cookies coming alive. This little character might seem upset, but imagine just how delicious he must be. The expression on his face is priceless!

A funny gingerbread man Christmas ornament with a leg bitten off. | OrnamentShop.com

Are there any other ornaments that make you laugh every time you see them? Tell us about them in the comments!

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