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I’ve always thought that silly, cute, and funny Christmas ornaments are wonderful for so many reasons. Not only do they make us laugh; they also remind us of the good times we’ve shared together, bringing us joy and that wonderful warm feeling we get when we spend the holidays with friends and family.

Although I feel that all of these ornaments are funny on their own, they may resonate more deeply for some of you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling or even laughing out loud at more than just a few of these entertaining designs.

I have to admit, I had a brilliant time shopping for these ornaments and am so glad I was successful in finding them. Each and every one of these charming adornments makes me laugh for a different reason. But even more importantly, they each remind me of the best times I’ve shared with the people I love and cherish.

Keep in mind, we have over 5,000 ornaments available here at, so I certainly encourage you to browse our selections for more playful gift ideas. When you find one that reminds you of an inside joke or special funny moment shared with a loved one, you’ll know it immediately. Take this as a sign that it will be an excellent gift!

“A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp Christmas OrnamentChristmas Story Leg |

“Kicking off” this list is a Christmas classic: The Leg Lamp from the movie “A Christmas Story.” This is an always-funny gift, especially for someone who is a life-long fan of this beloved Christmas comedy. You can even have the base personalized with their name!

Man Cave Caveman Christmas OrnamentMan Cave Caveman |

Whether it’s a friend, a husband, a brother, or a son, everybody knows that one guy who spends all of his time lurking around in his “man cave.” While a man cave is generally considered to be a room where the man of the house can dwell and do whatever it is men do (i.e. watch sports, play games, and put back a few cold ones), this clever ornament delivers more laughs then the Flintstones. Doubles as a great door decoration for any man’s man cave!

Casual Friday Female / Casual Friday Male Christmas OrnamentCasual Friday (Male) |

Ah, Friday! Our Casual Friday ornaments are an awesome holiday gift for any guy or gal who works for the weekend. Perfect for a boss, co-worker, friend, or family member, these laid-back ornaments are sure to bring about more than a few laughs and will be the talk of the office.

“Frosty the Toilet” Christmas OrnamentFrosty The Toilet |

Don’t deny it! I know our “Frosty the Toilet” ornament brought a big smile to your face. This adorable ornament is an excellent gift when given to the right person. It’s perfect for a child who is toilet training, but is also great for someone who appreciates more “highbrow” humor. For bonus chuckle, try singing the name of this ornament to the “Frosty the Snowman” theme song when you give it to the recipient. Too funny!

Pirate Santa Christmas OrnamentPirate Santa |

Arrr, matey! ‘Tis almost Christmas Day! When he’s not busy delivering presents on Christmas Eve, he’s sailing the high seas in search of treasure (how else do you think Santa pays his elves?). Pirate Santa Claus may be the only pirate in history who’s given away more than he’s plundered. This fun, unique ornament makes a wonderful gift for pirate lovers everywhere.

Fish Hooked Man Christmas OrnamentFish Hooked Man |

Oh, my! How the tables have turned. The fish looks overjoyed with such a big catch. The man on the end of the line, however… well, he looks a little less-than pleased. This is an excellent gift for the fisherman in your life and serves as a reminder that it’s okay to laugh, even when the fish aren’t biting.

“We’re Pregnant” Bears Christmas Ornament"We're Pregnant" Bears |

This personalized ornament is one of our favorites. Not only is it adorable; it’s a great gift for a grandparent-to-be or an expecting couple who can take a joke and share a good laugh at their own expense. I promise that this gift will keep them smiling for many years to come.

Milk & Cookies Christmas OrnamentMilk & Cookies |

Few things go together better than milk and cookies! This super-cute ornament is the perfect gift for that friend or family member you simply can’t live without. Have it personalized with both of your names for a great gift that will be treasured forever (and last much longer than actual milk and cookies).


Are there any other ornaments that make you laugh every time you see them? Tell us about them in the comments!

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