Learn to Make Glitter Acorn Ornaments

Look what I have hanging from my chandelier! The most gorgeous bright and colorful autumn acorn ornaments! They are just the perfect little accents to bring the festive feeling of Fall into your home. And they are not difficult to make either.  I thought it would be a great idea to ask my friend Donni […]

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Use A Rainbow Of Crayons To Create Colorful Swirled Ornaments


Do you remember how excited you were to get a box of 64 Crayola Crayons, with the built in sharpener, when shopping for school supplies? The box signified a limitless opportunity to create anything your young imagination could dream up. Today, crayons are still a back to school staple for grade school students, but I […]

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Special Way To Remember Each Home You Have Ever Lived In


They say that Home is where the heart is. I agree with that sentiment and know that a little piece of our hearts stay behind in each home we have ever lived in. Want the perfect moving gift for you, a friend or family member? Create a Home Memory Ornament that will live on, long […]

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Make Ornament Waffles That Look Yummy Enough To Eat


Waffles are finally getting the recognition they deserve! With their versatility, waffles are now more than just a weekend breakfast treat topped with butter and syrup. They have become highly coveted sandwiches, flanking anything from chicken entrees, to desserts such as ice cream. Waffle sandwiches have even made an appearance as a ballpark concession stand […]

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Novel Idea For A Book Club Member Or Book Worm


Fan clubs for a variety of literary discussion groups have popped up all over the country in the form of a Book Club. No matter what type of Book Worm you are, you can find an assembly where you can express your opinions, engage in socializations and enjoy getting lost in a good book. Are […]

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