Make Your Own Woolly Yarn Sheep Ornament!


What could be cuter than this woolly yarn sheep ornament? Keep him to put on your own Christmas tree or give him to your friend that’s into knitting…she will be delighted with your clever handiwork!  I’ve asked my friend Donni from to take you through a fantastic step by step tutorial of making this […]

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Learn How To Make Your Own Clay Dog Ornament!


We think your pooch needs a special dog ornament on the tree for Christmas!  That’s why I’ve asked my friend Donni from to lead you through a wonderful step by step tutorial of making a dog ornament for her special friend! My dog is called Moose. He’s a Mini Australian Shepherd, comes from Wyoming […]

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Give Your Favorite Grouch His or Her Due On National Grouch Day


Did you know that being a Grouch is celebrated on October 15th? It’s National Grouch Day and what better way to be grouchy than to take a look at famous grouches that made being grumpy a beloved character trait in television and movies. According to the dictionary, a grouch is a person who complains frequently […]

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Fall For Fall Decorations That Highlight Color-Changing Fall Leaves


Do you await the change of seasons to autumn, when colorful Fall Leaves burst forth from trees, changing the landscape into an amber hue? I love Fall Decorations in rich browns, sunburst oranges, goldenrod yellows and sunset reds, that call to mind chilly evenings, warming bonfires and mulled, spiced cider. Ornaments are beautiful fall decorations […]

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Survived My First Breast Cancer Walk – Can’t Wait To Do It Again!


I am delighted to be invited back as a guest blogger to talk about a Breast Cancer Walk that I participated in! My name is Debbie and my mom, Dianne, is the Owner of On June 6th and 7th I participated in my first AVON39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer in Chicago, IL. […]

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