How to Celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy

Western-theme ornaments, including the shape of Texas, a pair of red cowboy boots, a man riding a horse, a man fully dressed as a cowboy, and a cowboy hat. |

Learn about this little-known holiday and how it helps preserve American history! When you think about cowboys, you might picture a scene from an old western movie, but the people who have shaped cowboy culture are so much more than fiction! Cowboy Ornaments are perfect to celebrate this unique part of our history and tradition. […]

First Christmas Together: Ornaments & Gifts for Wedding, New Home and More

Celebrate your first Christmas together with personalized Christmas ornaments. | Ornament Shop

After 49 years of marriage, each year I find myself fondly reflecting back on our First Christmas together. I love recommending ornaments for other couples’ first Christmas together because it reminds me of all the wonderful times I’ve had in my own relationship. Christmas ornaments are meant to celebrate your most loving year-round memories, so […]