Welcome Spring With A Pretty Red Bird Ornament


There is nothing like seeing a bright Red Bird or cardinal perched on a branch against the snowy, white backdrop of winter. With spring on its way and the last of the frosty snow melting, it’s time to say goodbye to the doldrums of winter. Before you put away the last of your holiday decorations, […]

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Types Of Christmas Ornaments And Holiday Decorations

Types Of Christmas Ornaments And Holiday Decorations | OrnamentShop.com

With so many different types of Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations to choose from, it’s easy to just go with what you know and do the same thing every year. This winter, branch out and try something new! One of the best things about Christmas is that it gives you an excuse to dress up […]

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Tell Your Family Story Using Personalized Ornaments

Tell Your Family Story Using Personalized Christmas Ornaments | OrnamentShop.com

Looking for a unique way to tell your family story? Try telling your family story using personalized Christmas ornaments! You’ll be able to share your history with future generations years and years to come. Family stories – our life experiences, the places we go, and the paths we travel – are unique to each and […]

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Let The Battle Between Batman vs Superman Decorate Your Home!


If you are one of the many super hero fans highly anticipating the Batman vs Superman movie arriving at a theater near you on Friday, we have fun DIY ornaments for you! While the epic battle between two good guys has some fans scratching their heads as to why they would fight each other when […]

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Personalized Gift Ideas For Sports Fans

Personalized Gift Ideas For Sports Fans | Ornament Shop

Need a gift for your favorite sports fanatic? Try this list of personalized gift ideas for sports fans. These gifts are sure to be a home run, a touchdown, a hole-in-one, or any of the other sport terms you’d use to describe a “winning” gift! Go, team! There’s nothing quite like the passion and enthusiasm […]

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