National Hot Dog Day Celebrates America’s Favorite Food – Hot Dogs!

Thursday, July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day in which Hot Dogs get their spotlight moment! Gone are the rumors and ridicule about what hot dogs are actually made of because, truth be told, Americans consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day to Labor Day. That’s 818 hot dogs being consumed every second this […]

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Music Festivals Are A Rite Of Passage For Summer


Do you have the summertime blues? Then there’s still time to attend some great Music Festivals to hear live bands! With so many music festivals to choose from all over the country, it is easy to discover your perfect harmony. What is difficult, is deciding which city or venue is your favorite! Let the music […]

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Remember Your Summer Vacation With A Unique I Spy Road Trip Game


Do you love Summer Vacation but dread long road trips with your family? Help the time pass by making a unique I Spy game ornament for your kids that you can hang on your Christmas tree. Your family will love having this keepsake that keeps your summer memories alive! I Spy has always been a […]

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Unique Food Items You Can Find At Your Favorite Ballpark

What happened to “buy me some peanuts and crackerjack” when going to a summer baseball game? Or grabbing a Ballpark frank to enjoy in your seat while watching your favorite players in the field? Today’s baseball game foods have evolved and the ballparks are in a heated battle to win fans over with their hottest […]

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Make Memories Last With Personalized Baby Gifts Photo Albums

Want to give Personalized Baby Gifts but don’t know where to start? Need a memorable baby gift that parents or grandparents will love? Make your own photo album for the new arrival! Personalized baby gifts are all the rage, but finding just the perfect sentiment can be hard. A photo album is a simple way […]

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