National Parents Day Personalized Gift Ideas


If you’re looking for a unique gift to give to your parents on National Parents Day, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our personalized gifts for National Parents Day that are sure to stay near and dear to their hearts for years to come. I’ve often thought that National Parents Day was one […]

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Personalized Family Vacation Gift Ideas

Personalized Family Vacation Gift Ideas |

Are you looking for a unique way to commemorate a family vacation or summer trip? Try some of these personalized family vacation gift ideas! You’ll be able to tell the tale of all your great family outings for years to come. I’ve always believed that family vacations are about making new memories. The places we […]

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How To Celebrate Christmas In July

Santa At Beach - Celebrate Christmas In July | Ornament Shop

Are you looking for some relief from the hot summer sun? While you can’t actually change the season, you can always ring in an early Christmas. Along with great food and festive decorations, here’s how to celebrate Christmas in July! While July brings us one month closer to Christmas, many of us (myself included) like […]

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5 Silly Holidays You Won’t Believe Are Real

5 Silly Holidays You Won't Believe Are Real |

Here in America, we certainly have no shortage of strange holidays. Here are five silly holidays you won’t believe are real! I’ve come to enjoy these silly holidays. They’ve taken a unique shape in today’s culture and are quickly becoming very popular. Who ever thought that National Dog Day would be something we celebrate? I […]

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Freeze And Thaw Anniversary Cake So It Is Edible A Year Later

I have heard from many couples about how they took their Anniversary Cake out of the freezer one year after their wedding, only to discover it was completely dry, tasteless and totally inedible, requiring a bottle of champagne to wash it down!   I have been asked for advice on the perfect way to preserve your […]

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