Paper Mache Is Perfect For Summer Fun Decorating

paper mache ornaments

Need a summer craft that kids of all ages can make? Paper Mache is always a winner! It is easy to do, requires only a few supplies and doesn’t make a big mess.  It is both a mom-pleasing and kid-pleasing activity that allows creativity to blossom! This paper mache ornament glass ball is inspired by […]

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Personalized Gifts For Father’s Day 2016

Personalized Gifts For Father's Day 2016 |

I always tried to find a gift that my Dad would hold dear for years to come. These personalized gifts for Father’s Day 2016 have been popular with our internet customers. I have such fond memories of Father’s Day from when I was a little girl, as it was always another great opportunity to spend […]

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Showcase An Origami Swan Inside A Serene Environment

An Origami Swan can easily be made using the centuries old Japanese technique of artistically folding paper into sculpture, without using glue, tape or other reinforcements. The goal of origami is to take flat squares of paper and fold it into shapes that resemble animals, plants or objects. The more folds you make, the more […]

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Design Your Own Unique Family Tree Ornament Using Birthstones

Here’s a special way to display your Family Tree using Birthstones for every member of the family, personalized with its own distinctive coloring, design and overall finished look. Trees are symbolic of strength, beauty, wisdom and eternal life, much like your family that grows and continues for generations. Show how important your family is by […]

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Our Favorite Memorial Day & 4th Of July Ornaments


Show off your love for your country with these spectacular, patriotic ornaments. Our favorite Memorial Day and 4th of July ornaments make great gifts any time of year. How do you define “patriotism?” Some would define it as a demonstration of love for one’s country. Others say it’s having pride in the nation one calls […]

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