Creative Money Graduation Gifts Students Love To Receive

There are lots of different kinds of Graduation Gifts out there to choose from, but all graduates want money! Giving money graduation gifts can be boring, so here is a cute and clever way to present the much needed funds to your graduate! A personalized jar full of money diplomas is one of the best […]

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A Limerick A Day Keeps The Doldrums At Bay


Everyone associates a Limerick with Ireland but did you know the first limericks appeared in England as early as the 18th century? May 12th is officially National Limerick Day and celebrates these silly but clever little poems. In 1846, Edward Lear published the Book of Nonsense for children in which he wrote 72 limericks. Lear […]

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What Makes Personalized Piggy Banks Fun Gifts For Boys? A Money Train!


Finding unique Gifts For Boys can be more challenging than getting a toddler to sit in time out for two minutes! Personalized Piggy Banks make saving pennies for a rainy day fun and special!   Do you find it difficult to teach children the benefit of saving money when society demands they acquire the latest […]

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May Day Celebrates Occupations With An 8 Hour Workday


People often celebrate May Day with singing, dancing, cake and baskets of flowers as a sort of celebration of spring. But, did you know that there is another type of May Day celebration, also known as International Workers Day, that acknowledges a labor battle to ensure our current 8 hour Workday in Occupations across America? […]

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Repurpose Old Glass Trinkets To Enjoy Rainbows On Earth Day


Looking for a Repurpose project to celebrate Earth Day? Discover how you can light up any sunny room in your house with rainbows using Glass items you have lying around at home. It’s easy and will be a unique decoration that can have either a vintage or modern look and feel, depending on your current […]

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