Give Your Favorite Grouch His or Her Due On National Grouch Day


Did you know that being a Grouch is celebrated on October 15th? It’s National Grouch Day and what better way to be grouchy than to take a look at famous grouches that made being grumpy a beloved character trait in television and movies. According to the dictionary, a grouch is a person who complains frequently […]

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Fall For Fall Decorations That Highlight Color-Changing Fall Leaves


Do you await the change of seasons to autumn, when colorful Fall Leaves burst forth from trees, changing the landscape into an amber hue? I love Fall Decorations in rich browns, sunburst oranges, goldenrod yellows and sunset reds, that call to mind chilly evenings, warming bonfires and mulled, spiced cider. Ornaments are beautiful fall decorations […]

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Survived My First Breast Cancer Walk – Can’t Wait To Do It Again!


I am delighted to be invited back as a guest blogger to talk about a Breast Cancer Walk that I participated in! My name is Debbie and my mom, Dianne, is the Owner of On June 6th and 7th I participated in my first AVON39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer in Chicago, IL. […]

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Cute Velvet Pumpkin Autumn Decoration


Making a cute velvet pumpkin autumn decoration is fun and easy!  It will add a special kind of pizzazz to your autumn decor and that’s why I’ve asked my friend Donni from to lead you through a wonderful step by step tutorial! You can make them in the beautiful fall colors of orange and […]

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Spooktacular Halloween Decorations For A Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Do you love Halloween Decorations as much as I do? I enjoy decorating a Halloween Tree almost as much as my Christmas tree! Because the tree is black, I find that the colors on the ornaments really pop and stand out. I am always looking to enhance the ornaments on my Halloween tree and I […]

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