Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when we personalize your ornament at OrnamentShop.com?

Painting on a glass ball personalized Christmas ornament is difficult! We use paint brushes for our glass balls. | OrnamentShop.comDid you know our skilled personalizers go through a training period with Ornament Shop?

Nearly everything we sell at OrnamentShop.com can be personalized with a custom message, name or date. This makes it easy for you to give your friends and family members a unique and meaningful present they’ll cherish and enjoy through the years.

While other websites selling personalized ornaments print your names, OrnamentShop.com personalizes by hand. This gives your presents a truly personal touch in handwriting.

How we create our personalized Christmas ornaments

Our personalization process starts when you select one of our over 5,000 ornaments. Detail the personalization

Painting names on personalized ornaments can be made easier with an expert and a paint pent. | OrnamentShop.com

you’d like in the space provided. Our online ordering process is simple, and our ornaments are hand-personalized for free!

Once your order is placed, an average of eight team members will work on your order.

The first team member collects your ornaments and checks each item to make sure it matches the ones you chose. Once approved, it is delivered to a skilled personalizer who will hand-write your personalizations.

After we hand-write your message on each personalized ornament or gift, we pass it over to our proofing department, where it will be inspected one last time to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

How to make your own personalized Christmas ornaments

We inventory many unique and hard to find ornaments so that you can find a gift for everyone on your list. We take the personal approach to custom ornaments, so we can personalize an ornament however you like.

If you still can’t find the perfect ornament, we also have DIY personalized ornaments. Check out our blog where we put together DIY projects all throughout the year and for numerous occasions. This way, you can make your very own personalized Christmas ornament!

How we personalize Christmas ornaments

You might be familiar with expert penmanship from events, such as weddings, where many details must be handwritten and displayed to perfection. Our personalizers meticulously work on each and every ornament to meet the level of quality worthy for penmanship on your Christmas tree.

For the best accuracy, our experts use a paint pen to apply paint with handwriting. This tool helps us write on ornaments just as you would on paper. You might be familiar with personalizing with a paintbrush. This is more difficult to use and we reserve a brush only for our glass ball ornaments.

When you shop for personalized Christmas ornaments with Ornament Shop, you can rest assured our team’s work meets high standards. Each item leaves our warehouse in perfect condition. See the video below for how our process works!

What is your favorite type of ornament to personalize? Tell us in the comments below!

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