How to Choose Personalized Couples Ornaments: Funny, Wedding & Pets!

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if not for our loved ones. When I think of Christmas, it always involves my family, friends, and the husband I built such a wonderful life with!

A funny penguin couples Christmas ornament with two penguins wearing ugly sweaters. | OrnamentShop.comIf you feel the same way about spending the holidays with your partner, personalized Christmas ornaments help capture your special memories together year after year.

No Christmas is quite like another. We take vacations, meet new people, and grow the family with new pets and maybe even new children. You can have your couples ornaments personalized with special messages and dates to help cherish the good times.

Ornaments also help form traditions in your family. When decorating the Christmas tree each year, you’ll bring out your couples ornaments while giggling together. I’ve selected some of the best couples ornaments available among our 5,000 ornaments, but be sure to also look around for yourself!

Funny Couples Ornaments

If you’re looking for a cute and memorable Christmas decoration, then funny couples ornaments are perfect.

an ornament with two reindeer under a mistletoe about to kiss. | OrnamentShop.comOne of our best selling couples ornaments is our Penguin Christmas Sweater Couple Ornament. It’s made out of resin, which is a durable material similar to stone. Both penguins wear adorable little sweaters and red Santa hats in front of a tree. You and your partner’s name will be handwritten in paint on the brim of the penguins’ hats. The banner can contain your own saying such as your shared last name, or you could use our saying: “Festive Sweaters are Better!”

The Pond Frog Couple Ornament is a similar animal ornament for couples. We suggest personalizing it with an adorably funny saying such as: “Mistle Toads.” If you’re more interested in cute little turtles, our Turtle Couple Ornament contains a little jingle bell on the bottom.

One of my favorite funny couples ornaments is the Reindeer Family of Two. You can find this ornament with little reindeer, too, for the whole family. The little mistletoe above the husband reindeer has the wife reindeer ready to give a kiss!

Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Ornaments

Many married couples love collecting ornaments, whether it’s their first Christmas together or their 25th anniversary. When first married, “Mr. & Mrs” couples ornaments are very popular.

We have a silver glittery Mr. & Mrs. Christmas Ornament made out of resin. It fits right in with the magic of being a newlywed. The background of the ornament is white with little roses at the top and a subtle heart behind the “&” sign along with smaller hearts under each “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

We recommend personalizing “Mr. & Mrs.” ornaments with your family name and your wedding date!

An ornament with Mr. & Mrs. for newlyweds and married couples to hang on the Christmas tree. |

Couple & Dog Ornaments

We all have uniquely special families. Couples who have dogs often treat their furry friends much like children. Couple with dog ornaments are very popular, and rightly so! I couldn’t imagine Christmas without my little companion, either.

An ornament for couples with two snowmen side by side holding hands and a tan dog at their side. | OrnamentShop.comWe have a wonderful go-to Couple and Dog Christmas Ornament, which can match many types of floppy eared dogs. The tan dog’s name tag can be customized with up to five letters and names can be places on both the man and woman.

Our Fireplace with Two Stockings and a Bone Ornament can fit all couples with a dog. The dog bone is perfect to represent your pup and gives a wonderfully themed Christmas background with a red fireplace and green wreath!

If you have multiple dogs, you can fit both on one ornament! Whether you have two black dogs or two tan dogs, browse your pet ornament options and find the perfect ornament to match your little family. Our wreath ornament can fit up to 7 pets!

Many of our ornaments offer white, black or tan dogs options so that you can customize the color of your dog.

Did you find the ornament you were looking for? Tell us your favorite type of couples ornament below!

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