DIY Personalized Ornament Door Hanger For Every Room In Your Home

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Want to enhance your home with a personalized decoration for every room? It is easy to make a door hanger that announces what the purpose of the room is or whose room you are daring to enter! Your kids will love having their own personal door hanger on their bedrooms and your home will look unique with an adorable door hanger on the bathroom, playroom or game room. The opportunities are endless for you to use your creativity!

We think our personalized ornaments are not only memorable keepsakes for Christmas, milestone commemorations or other once in a lifetime occasion remembrances, but make amusing and delightful home decorations when repurposed into a door hanger for all the rooms in your home.

DIY Personalized Door Hanger

Make Your Very Own Door Hanger!


– Wood door hanger – can be purchased at any craft store
– Ornament – has personalized ornaments for every room or theme!
– Paint – any color acrylic paint or if you want to keep the natural wood color, use a wood stain
– Glue – a strong glue like Gorilla glue works well

Optional Materials:

– Clear Glaze or Varnish
– Ribbon
– Stickers
– Any other embellishments


Step 1: Paint the door hanger. You will want to use a color that coordinates with the personalized ornament that you have chosen or a color to match the door. Let the paint dry.

Note: If you want to make sure that the paint doesn’t chip or rub onto the door, paint a coat of clear glaze or varnish over the paint to seal it and let it dry completely before moving on to Step 2. We used glitter paint and then a sparkle varnish on top for our princess door hanger.


Step 2: Using a pair of pliers, carefully unscrew the hook in the top of the personalized ornament.


Step 3: Cover the back of the personalized ornament with glue.

Note: Don’t glue all the way to the edge, to prevent glue from spilling out of the sides.


Step 4: Stick the personalized ornament to the door hanger. Let the glue on the personalized ornament dry completely.

Note: You will want to select an ornament with a flat back so that the ornament sticks flush to the wood.


Step 5: Embellish your door hanger with extra personalization, ribbon, stickers or any other crafting items or pieces you want.


That’s it! Now you have a whimsical way to welcome people to a special room in your house.

Creative Door Hanger Ideas

Get creative and make a door hanger for all of the rooms in your home. Below are some personalized ornament suggestions with flat backs that hopefully inspire you to come up with your very own unique door hanger to personalize your home!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Share our door hanger ideas with your friends who would love to add a unique touch to their home decorating. Let us know if you have a different creative way to use personalized ornaments or if you make a door hanger, please send us a picture. We’d love to see how your door hanger craft turns out!

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