Personalized Ornaments for Businesses, Employees & with Company Logo

The holidays are such a special time to bring everyone together! It’s the perfect moment for celebrating year-round success and recognizing individual achievements.

On my Christmas tree, we have so many personalized Christmas ornaments representing the best memories of my family together. From new jobs to anniversaries, we’re lucky to keep track of these fondest moments.

If you’re looking for personalized ornaments for businesses, you’ve come to the right place! Ornaments for employees calls for a custom large order. We have four types of custom order ornaments for you to choose from.

1. Hand Personalized Ornaments for Groups & Businesses

These unique ornaments for businesses are perfect for groups of employees. We often personalize ornaments for fundraisers, sports teams, schools, resorts, weddings, churches, awards and gift shops. Most of our options are resin ornaments in the shape of things unique to each business.

These personalized Christmas ornaments for employees include front door ornaments for a realtor, ice cream cone ornaments for an ice cream shop, or hairdresser holding a blow dryer ornaments for a hair salon. Each ornament resembles a special icon for the business, and all can be personalized with names, dates and unique messages.

Personalize the name of the business, the date of the anniversary or a message saying thanks for being a wonderful employee!

Personalized ornaments for businesses, perfect for employees holiday gift. |

2. Glass Ball, Shatterproof Ball & Shatterproof Disc Ornaments

Personalize hundreds of custom glass ball ornaments with your unique logo. Choose from various colors including red, white, blue, black, pink, gold, orange, and sparkling silver, then work with us to customize a glass ball ornament to represent your business, school fundraiser or special event!

These are great gifts to offer many people at once. They’re the perfect keepsake for many different types of events and will be remembered year after year. Create a custom classic design that everyone will enjoy hanging on their tree at home.

Personalized ornaments for businesses with your company logo. |

3. Specialty Glass Business Ornaments

Our custom order specialty glass ornaments are highly unique! These ornaments for any occiasion are made of glass and uniquely shaped to fit popular requests. We offer glass shaped disc, glass heart disc, glass football helmet, glass wreath, glass football, glass snowflake, glass Santa, glass snowman and pewter heart ornaments.

Once you choose your specialty glass ornament, we will add a company logo or event message in a special way to fit your unique shape. Personalized Christmas ornaments with your custom logo can be made into a special holiday memory to celebrate the season.

Unique personalized ornaments for businesses. |

4. Memory Globes Business Ornaments

For the most memorable personalized ornaments for business, I recommend custom memory globe ornaments. Be sure to place your order well ahead of time because these are expertly crafted and take a while to create!

With a memory globe ornament, we take a logo or 3D design and create a custom-molded figure in the glass ball. You can choose a historical place, building, scene, or your logo. Your personalized Christmas ornaments with a company logo will literally come to life! These are so magical for bringing the Christmas spirit to your employees.

Personalized ornaments for businesses with glass balls and your own custom inside object. |

Tell us about the type of business ornament you’re looking for in the comments below! We’d love to hear if you found the perfect ornament for your employees.

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