A friend told me about some funny April Fools Jokes that he played on his co-workers and it made me think about all the things you can do to take advantage of this once a year opportunity to have a little harmless fun at the expense of someone else!

My favorite of his April Fools Jokes is when he replaced the coffee maker in his company’s break room and attached a simple handwritten note to the front that read: “New!  Voice Activated!” and watched as co-workers came in to get their morning java fix and tried to “tell” the coffee machine to pour a cup.  I still laugh just thinking about the resulting silence and confusion that ensued for these poor people first thing in the morning!  Little things such as swapping slices of apples for potatoes, cutting a hole in the bottom of a cereal box or pasting a Playboy magazine cover on a copy of Martha Stewart Living are all April Fools Jokes that are harmless fun and can help you get in the spirit of the day.

April Fools Jokes - Coffee Maker

Top 6 Things To Consider When Planning April Fools Jokes

If you are going to plan April Fools Jokes this year, here are the top 6 things that you should take into consideration:

  1. Plan ahead to make sure that everything is set up perfectly
  2. Prank out of love and not out of malice
  3. Know your victim and joke with their appropriate age, sensitivities, matching the prank to the person who can take that kind of joke – make sure it is really harmless!
  4. Have a camera or video ready to capture the moment
  5. Use best acting skills to be able to properly time the reveal
  6. Be ready for retribution!

Famous April Fools Jokes That Have Been Played on the Public

Some of the best April Fools Jokes have been played by the media and especially the British. They have a history of using the BBC and other news programs to announce ideas that seem plausible on the surface and many citizens buy into their malarkey.

In the history of April Fools Jokes, some of them have ranked among the craziest. My personal favorite was the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957 that aired on the British news show Panorama on April 1st. During the 3-minute segment, the reporter claimed that due to the mild winter weather that Switzerland had been experiencing and the disappearance of the “spaghetti weevil” the spaghetti harvest in Switzerland was at an all-time high. The news report showed viewers pictures of people harvesting spaghetti off of the branches of a tree! The station was subsequently flooded with calls from viewers who wanted to know where to get their own spaghetti tree!


April Fools Jokes are common in the US and I love the one that comes from an ad that was placed by Burger King in USA Today advertising a new Left-Handed Whopper. The ad stated that all of the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees to make it tastier for a left-handed burger connoisseur to enjoy! Lefties flocked to Burger King to get the sandwich made just for them and righties requested the “original Whopper” when they ordered!


Regardless of what you decide to do for April Fools Jokes, just remember to do it in the spirit of the day and make sure that both sides can see the humor in it. Have fun pranking!

Reply to this blog if you have some favorite April Fools Jokes that you have played. We love a good laugh! Or, commemorate a really good prank with a personalized ornament commemorating the event such as hunting ornaments like this deer in an outhouse!


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