Have you ever spent too many hours playing a marathon session of video games, unaware of the passage of time, because you were engrossed in the virtual game world? On July 8th you’ll be able to relive that experience and play video games to your heart’s content because it’s Video Game Day!

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Video games are the largest and fastest growing division of the entertainment industries due to widely diversified themes and highly advanced special effects that allow the player to be absorbed into the game. Increased technology has allowed you to battle friends in adventure, sports and music competitions without ever leaving your individual homes. The world of gaming has also been brought to your doorstep with online connectivity that allows gamers to play people around the globe and interact with fellow gamers from almost every continent.

The Progression of Video Games For Every Age

Today’s kids grow up in a world that is inundated with video games. Most children start out with the Nintendo DS, a portable handheld device in which mini cartridges snap into place. These games are a great travel companion for long road trips and will reduce the amount of times your children say, “Are we there yet?”

Sony’s PlayStation has over 69 million users worldwide and its rival by comparison, the American-made Xbox from Microsoft, has 39 million users. The Nintendo Wii allows gamers the flexibility of movement by having a controller that isn’t plugged into the console. This new generation of gaming reduces sedentary playing and makes it possible for video games to be physical exercise. Check out video game controller ornaments at OrnamentShop.com!


It might surprise you to know that the average kid between the ages of 8 and 18, spends 73 minutes a day playing video games and statisticians predict consumers will spend over $21 billion on video games and equipment in 2013. That’s a lot of time and money!

Video Games For Non-Video Game Players

If you haven’t played a video game since Pong, you will be amazed at the technological achievements in music, artwork and dialogue. Video games today are so realistic that it is easy to get sucked into these miniature worlds. If you don’t want to rekindle an old Atari habit you had trouble kicking in the 1980s, check out the free online games that are everywhere on the Internet, such as on Facebook or off of an app on your mobile phone. You can play endlessly without ever having a gaming console or hardware!

Our personalized video game ornaments make great gifts for your favorite gamer on Video Game Day! Pick up one of our boy or girl players or one of controller ornaments, specific to the games, and watch for our personal hand held game and Xbox controller ornaments, coming soon, that are new for 2013!

Whatever video games you choose to play on July 8th, make Video Game Day a family fun time or fierce competition with friends.  Join the staggering 145 million people who played a video game last year today!

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