DIY Reindeer Ornament: Super Easy Christmas Craft For Kids!

A few of my friends are teachers and as children get anxious as they await the arrival of Santa Claus, these teachers are always looking for Christmas Crafts For Kids that are easy and fun to do in a classroom.  They loved the idea of these Reindeer Ornaments that are a simple concept for young children to understand and execute.

One of my teacher friends tried these Christmas Crafts For Kids Reindeer Ornaments with her after school club and had so much to tell me about how her children really enjoyed making these.  If you want, you can make Santa’s entire team of reindeer.  Simply use a red pompom nose for Rudolph and use black pompoms for the remaining team!

Completed Reindeer ornament hanging on a tree. |

How To Make Christmas Crafts For Kids Reindeer Ornaments

Here we show you how to make reindeer ornaments as part of our Christmas crafts for kids series of Christmas decoration DIYs.  Teachers, this project can be made using glue dots and is relatively mess free, very low time commitment and fun for toddlers (with a little help) and grade school children.


  • Clear glass ball ornament, or use a plastic ornament for young children
  • Brown construction paper, butcher paper or craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tacky glue or glue dots
  • Red pompoms
  • Google eyes
  • Black paint marker
  • Brown pipe cleaners

Supplies needed for reindeer ornament: glass ball, glue, pompom, google eyes, pipe cleaners and ribbon. |

Christmas Crafts For Kids Reindeer Ornaments Steps 1 – 4

Step 1: First, cut strips of brown paper.  It won’t matter if they are even and can be any length.

Reindeer ornament cut brown paper strips. |

Step 2: Next, crinkle up the paper a bit so it will fit better inside the glass ball ornament.

Reindeer ornament crinkle paper strips. |

Step 3: Remove the cap from the glass ball ornament and gently push the pieces of brown paper inside, until you have the desired amount.  Carefully replace the ornament cap on top.

Reindeer ornament fill glass ball ornament with paper strips. |

Step 4: Now it’s time to give your reindeer ornaments faces.  Glue a pair of google eyes and red pompom nose on the front of your ornament.  Then, using a paint marker, draw the mouth.  Once your reindeer face is done, set the ornament aside.

Reindeer ornament glue on eyes, pompom nose and draw mouth. |

Christmas Crafts For Kids Reindeer Ornaments Steps 5 – 8

Step 5: Next, we need to create antlers.  You will leave one full pipe cleaner whole.  Take another pipe cleaner and cut into quarters.  You will need only two of the quarter pieces per reindeer ornament.

Reindeer ornament cut pipe cleaners with scissors. |

Step 6: Now take the whole pipe cleaner and press the middle to the front of the glass ball ornament stem.  Twist the two ends together around the back so that the pipe cleaner is secure around the base of the ornament underneath the ornament cap.

Reindeer ornament wrap large pipe cleaner around top of ornament. |

Step 7: In order to finish creating the antlers on your Christmas crafts for kids, bend the two quarter pieces that you cut in step 5 and twist them around the pipe cleaner to secure, approximately an inch from the end of the pipe cleaner.  Repeat on the other side so that they look like this.

Reindeer ornament create antler with pipe cleaner pieces. |

Step 8: Finally, it is time to put the finishing touches on your reindeer ornaments.  Cut a piece of ribbon and thread it through the ornament hook and tie a knot on the end.  Bend your antlers however you want them to look to give your reindeer ornaments their own unique personality.

Reindeer ornament add ribbon for hanging. |

That’s it!  Now you have Christmas crafts for kids reindeer ornaments that are so simple and easy to make.  This is a fantastic project for a classroom or group of children in a play group, that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or a lot of time.  You can even have the children name their reindeer and write it on the back of the ornament with the paint marker.

Completed Reindeer ornament. |

Do you love reindeer ornaments but don’t have time to make any Christmas crafts for kids?  We carry a wide variety of personalized reindeer ornaments that you will love.  Choose from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornaments, family reindeer ornaments, traditional reindeer ornaments, whimsical reindeer ornaments, “green” reindeer ornaments that are environmentally friendly and even “jumping jack” reindeer ornaments that are fun for children of all ages, who love to pull the string and make them dance, all of which can be personalized for someone special this holiday season!

Personalized reindeer ornaments. |

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