Children love to decorate their own rooms and make their living space their own, reflecting their style and personality. Sometimes it’s challenging to come up with room decorating ideas that are compromise between what the child wants and what you’re willing to do. Once you have decided upon a theme that you can both live with, it’s time to fill it with unique decorations that kids will love.

What makes great room decorating ideas? Items that are both personalized and keep with the theme of the room are the ones children take pride in hanging up or placing in a prominent location. If you think ornaments are only good for decorating Christmas trees, you would be surprised at how many customers write to tell us about their unique placement of them! has simple and fun themes that will provide you with some room decorating ideas.

Room Decorating Ideas For Toddlers

Most of the room decorating ideas you might have for toddlers, need to revolve around characters or animals. If you choose to decorate with a favorite cartoon character, be aware that children transition through stages very quickly at this age. What they may love now, may not be their favorite in another six months!

Room Decorating IdeasDora-the-ExplorerLarge-Butterfly

Favorite characters:

  • Elmo
  • Dora
  • Hello Kitty
  • Dinosaurs
  • Superman

Animal lovers:

  • Monkey
  • Zoo Animals
  • Frogs
  • Fish
  • Butterflies

Room Decorating Ideas For Girls

With young girls and tweens, room decorating ideas usually have a basis in color. Make sure that when you are furnishing these rooms that some of her personality characteristics shine through. If she enjoys the color pink and is a girly girl, you might want to create a princess room fit for royalty. Or, if she likes psychedelic colors and is a free spirit, she my love a hippie or peace themed room.


Themes for Girls:

  • Princess
  • Hippie
  • Shoes
  • Dolphin
  • Fairy

Room Decorating Ideas For Boys

Young boys love bright, bold colors and aggressive themes, so room decorating ideas need to reflect their busy hands and feet as well as imaginative minds. If he likes sports, you can create a room around a specific sport or do collective sports in general. Or maybe he enjoys flights of fancy such as jousting knights or fierce dragons.


Themes for Boys:

  • Sports
  • Pirates
  • Dragons
  • Jungle
  • Airplanes has personalized ornaments that you can hang on the wall for any room decorating ideas that you may come up with for your children. You can choose a variety of ornaments around a particular theme and create a collage that will be a unique display in their room, instead of hanging a picture or other wall art. Our personalized picture frame ornaments, figurines and large picture frames are also a great way to make your children feel the room is their own, such as the little princess who hung this photo of herself on the wall of “her castle”.


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