Summertime Is The Perfect Time For Shell Crafts

Want to commemorate a trip to the beach, a tropical vacation or day spent at the seashore with Shell Crafts? I love decorating my tree with ornaments from all of the places that my family travels to.  It is a little piece of vacation that you can take home with you, long after your bags are unpacked.

Make a keepsake vacation ornament for a wedding on the beach, honeymoon or favorite getaway.  Shell crafts are easy and inexpensive if you comb the beach for your supplies!  Enlist your kids to help.  I’m sure they’ll love shelling as much as you did when you were a child, finding just the right souvenir!

shell ornaments

Shell Crafts Make The Prettiest Ornaments – Shell Ornaments

Shell crafts are fun for the whole family. Here we show you how to make a shell vacation ornament, but it should be personalized to the trip that you took.  For our example, the sailboat represents a sunset sailing outing, the flip flops represent the pristine Hawaiian beaches and the starfish represents a snorkeling excursion under the sea that friends of mine participated on their honeymoon.  Have fun!

Supplies for Shell Ornaments:

  • Clam-type shell
  • Charms
  • Beads
  • Jewelry wire or clear beading line
  • Paint marker
  • Ribbon

shell ornaments supplies

Step 1: Using the paint marker, personalize the shell with names, a destination or date.

shell ornaments step 1

Step 2: While the paint is drying, tie a charm onto the end of a piece of wire.  Do this for as many dangling strands as you desire.

shell ornaments step 2

Step 3: String beads onto each wire and secure at the top, leaving at least two inch end.

shell ornaments step 3

Step 4: Thread the end of the beaded strands through the hole in the top of the shell and secure together.

Note: Most shells have a hole in the top, however if yours doesn’t, you will need to drill one.

shell ornaments step 4

Step 5: Tie a decorative ribbon through the top and secure with the ends of the wire.

shell ornaments step 5

Step 6: Add any further embellishments, such as the word LOVE we spelled out in beads, bend the wire strands to hang nicely, and add a string to the top for hanging on the tree.

shell ornaments step 6

That’s it!  Shell crafts are fun to make and if you want your shell ornament to be even more unique, paint the shell in a color theme such as the Caribbean blue waters that are captured on your camera or the colors of your bridal party dresses for a wedding ornament.

If you want to remember a favorite tropical vacation destination, but were too busy on your adventures to collect shells to make shell crafts, we have a variety of personalized vacation and travel ornaments for all of your journey destinations. Beachtastic


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