Silk Santas & Silk Masters: Unique Silk Christmas Ball Ornament Collectibles

Masters on Silk ornaments are collectible keepsakes released each year. They contain miniature replicas of famous art on seasonal baubles and include the year of the collection on the back.

Silk Santas have renditions of traditional Santa Claus through the ages. Other Silk Masters have famous artwork. Both make wonderful silk additions to a Christmas tree.

Did you know that dated Silk Santas and dated Silk Masters glass ball ornaments have been popular holiday favorites for over 45 years? What is it about these beautiful silk Christmas ball ornaments that stand out from traditional Christmas decorations and keep people collecting over decades? Let me tell you about these unique Masters on Silk ornaments as they are treasured keepsakes.

Masters on Silk Ornaments for Every Year: 2017, 2018, 2019 & Beyond

If you would like to browse our selection of silk Christmas ball ornaments, we carry these each year. We almost always sell out of our Silk Masters and Silk Santas inventory, so buy while supplies last! We’ve included future years below so that you won’t miss out once we have them in stock.

2017 Masters on Silk

2018 Masters on Silk

2019 Masters on Silk

2020 Masters on Silk

Beautifully Handmade Silk Masters and Silk Santas Glass Balls Christmas Ornaments

All of our Masters on Silk glass balls are proudly handmade in the U.S.A. The concept behind them: famous paintings, typically dated from the late 1800s to early 1900s, digitally replicated on pieces of silk.

These silk swatches are then framed by a gold thread that is braided into a design. The thread issued as piping around the edges and adhered to the glass ball ornament, coordinating color to the painting. These ornaments are collector items because the artists only make a set number of silks per famous painting and then retire the design.

Silk ornaments |

Why silk? Silk is the best medium for complex designs with a high degree of detail.  Images such as paintings, landscapes, figures and faces come to life on the ornaments and add a touch of uniqueness to these classic works of art.

Silk Ornaments |

2018 silk ornaments |

2018 silk ornaments |


The colors of the glass ball always vary and we are at the mercy of the artists creating them as to what colors we will receive. Finishes can either be of the shiny, silver, mirrored glass ball type or the very rich, and velvety matte finish type.

Typically, our Silk Santas can be found on various shades and finishes of gold, green and red. Our Silk Masters, on the other hand, have many more colors in the paintings and therefore have more options for color. We often have white, silver, gold, blue, burgundy, red, purple and more shades in various finishes.

Because we don’t know which colors the artists will choose, we are unable to offer color choices to our customers. It is a surprise to find the random color you will receive when you purchase one of these magnificent ornaments!

White and Pink Silk Ornaments |

And that is just the beginning! Both the Silk Masters and the Silk Santas frame the famous painting on silk in an ornate scroll-work pattern of gold glitter that wraps around the glass ball and culminates in a circle that frames the date, also in gold glitter, on the back of the silk Christmas ball ornament. The glitter is extremely generous as you will see when you take your Masters on Silk ornament out of the box and a little fairy dust comes off in your hands!

Blue Silk Ornaments | has sold these collector series ornaments since 2010. Our customers rave about them every year. Always come back for each year of our silk Christmas ball ornaments. They are perfect for decorating your tree with a different collectible ornament each year as Christmas gifts for art enthusiasts, holiday hostess gifts or for an ornament exchange party!

2016 Silk Ornament |

As I was writing this, I just heard from a customer who watches our website each year for the Silk Santas and Silk Masters to be available. She has been collecting since 1984 and gets one from her husband every year for Christmas. She just selected her Masters on Silk design and immediately asked her husband to get it!

Mother Mary Silk Ornaments |

So, I warn you! These glass ball ornaments are only here as long as we have a supply of them. Pick up yours today while you have the best selection available to start your collection. Once we sell out, we will not receive more inventory on our silk Christmas ball ornaments.

If you weren’t able to catch our Silk Masters in stock, be sure to browse all of our personalized Christmas ornaments before you go.

4 thoughts on “Silk Santas & Silk Masters: Unique Silk Christmas Ball Ornament Collectibles

  1. daniel

    Dianne, I have been buying Masters on Silk or Santas on Silk for more than 25 years. the last three years I have not been able to buy them because I was told they are no longer made. I just saw your post and am happy/upset that i found them and that I was misled.
    Could you please clarify if these Master or Santas are still being made? Will you carry the entire line in 2017? It would be great to go back to these ornaments. This tradition started when I met my wife and has special meaning in our household.

    1. Dianne Weller Post author

      Dear Daniel:
      I am glad that you found us! Yes, we carry the entire line of dated Silk Santas and Silk Masters ornaments. We still have a little bit of 2016 inventory left over for collectors like you who might have missed a year. You can find them in our Glass Balls category and am happy to tell you that our 2017 line will be arriving later this month. The artists who make the silk ornaments send us what they produce, so in any given year, we are surprised with the designs and colors we receive. Every year, I can’t wait to open the boxes to see what they sent! If you sign up for our emails, you will be among the first to know when our newest collection arrives.
      Dianne Weller

    1. Dianne Weller Post author

      Cynthia: Unfortunately we are sold out of our 2012 Silk Masters stock. Any previous years that are available will be noted in the product titles. Current year designs of our dated silk ornaments become available in August.

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