Sorority & Fraternity Gifts for New Members of Greek Life

Whether you’re a Big or a Little, these gifts will perfectly represent the bond you share with brothers and sisters of Greek life!

An Alpha Chi Omega ornament that can be personalized for members of Greek life. | OrnamentShop.comI’ve always been curious about fraternities and sororities because I know they’ve changed quite a bit with the times. These clubs are still alive and well though, thanks to all the alumni with fond memories and new initiates that keep the traditions going.

To help memorialize those traditions, I’ve selected Greek Life ornaments that work perfectly as present toppers or as gifts of their own. Whether or not your Greek sibling celebrates Christmas, these ornaments can hang as wonderful decorations anywhere, even in dorm rooms!

Greek Ornaments as Present Toppers

When it comes time to gift your Big or Little, you’ll want to find a present that captures both the pride you feel towards your Greek chapter, and the personality of your brother or sister. Most Greek gifts are “do it yourself” presents that you can customize to fit the occasion, and our Greek An ornament with a girl holding a beer and a paddle - a symbol of old college traditions. | OrnamentShop.comornaments go perfectly with these kinds of gifts as gift toppers.

Wrap your DIY gift however you like, in a bag or a box. Then, instead of writing a card, tape a Greek ornament to the front of the bag or to the top of the box. We can personalize any ornament you choose with names, dates and brief messages, such as the day your Little was initiated and a brief message about how much they mean to you. The words you would put on a card can instead be personalized on the ornament, and serves as a whole other gift!

Greek Ornaments as Group Presents

If you’re thinking about gifting a Greek ornament as a present by itself, these work wonderfully as group presents! You can choose multiple of the A red solo cup Christmas ornament, just like from your college years. | OrnamentShop.comsame ornament, then have them all personalized differently.

This way, you can gift your Big with the same Greek ornament as your Little, and you can even get one for yourself! All of your Greek loved ones can have matching ornaments. While you’re apart from each other, you’ll still have this token to remind you of all the wonderful times you’ve shared.

Are you a member of Greek life? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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