I don’t know about you, but I love sitting in front of our Christmas tree, fully decorated, and reminiscing about the past through the customized ornaments hanging on each branch. There’s nothing like laughing about childhood memories and favorite vacation spots. Christmas tree decorations really can bring the family together!

Customized Ornaments Tell Your Story

Customers write to me all the time explaining how important and meaningful the personalized ornaments are to them and the people they are giving them to. They don’t just buy them at Christmastime because many of the items they choose don’t have to do with Christmas at all! They want to commemorate memorable life events and make sure they are not forgotten throughout the year.I like to believe that our customized ornaments create a memory that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether events are big, such as a graduation, or small, such as a lost first tooth, because when you hang all of the ornaments on the tree, you can see your family’s story develop before your very eyes. The chronicle is personal and unique based on your family’s own special history. No other family will have a tree built with the same ornaments that you do!

Graduation Customized OrnamentsLost Tooth Customized Ornaments

Get Started Building Memories For Your Tree With Customized Ornaments Is Easy

Most customers have no problem remembering the “firsts”: first Christmas, first steps, first home, etc. However, OrnamentShop.com has so much more to offer! Giving one of our miniature replica instrument ornaments for a first band concert or orchestra concert is a wonderful way to show pride in your child’s musical accomplishments. Show her how thrilled you are to attend her first play or school musical with a singer ornament that looks just like her. Or, celebrate that game-winning touchdown that made him the team hero with a sports ornament that he will adore.


If you buy personalized ornaments at the time in which the occasion occurred, it is more meaningful than opening on Christmas morning, where it may get lost in the shuffle of “wish list” presents. I like to celebrate year-round with customized ornaments for every event and have always gotten the most sincere thanks and genuine smile in return, like this ballet ornament attached to a bouquet of flowers for a dance recital.


Customized Ornaments Grow As You Grow

It’s hard to believe that when I started the website OrnamentShop.com, we only had 17 categories. Now we have 44 and are still growing! This means that we have customized ornaments for every occasion or happening in your life. What fun it is to peruse our catalog to come up with ideas for everyone in the family!

I love hearing from customers, so please write to me at Dianne@OrnamentShop.com about your heartwarming traditions you share with your family. I welcome you and your stories as part of the OrnamentShop.com family.

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