Next to a spouse and children, dogs are a much beloved part of many families and are increasingly treated to gifts at Christmas. Any why not?  Spoiling your Dog is fun!   Dogs love you unconditionally, are tons of fun, and are great companions. We get pleasure from rewarding them for all they do for us.

Owners buy their dogs decorative bowls, collars, dog tags, beds, houses and toys.  Stuffed animals aren’t just for kids – dogs have their own selection of these now!  There are dog strollers, diamond collars and tags, dog smoothies, bow ties and even doggie beer!  There are dog bakeries who produce dog cookies, biscuits, and food.  People play with their dogs as if they are their children.  They take them to doggie parks for interaction with other dogs, run with them, and throw a ball with them.

Although not new, it was only logical that dog clothes were created.  We haven’t seen much for cats, but for dogs, there are sweaters, shirts, hats, pajamas and even booties.  They can be plain, fancy with diamonds (think celebrities), sports themed, university themed, and seasonal such as Santa or elf suits.

There are many websites that cater to clothing for dogs.  You can buy dog outfits for any major league sports team plus cheerleader, lion, bumble bee, fairy,  devil, princess, or pirate costumes.

For more ideas about dog clothing gifts, see our article, “Christmas Outfits Are Going to The Dogs”.


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