Mmmm… There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee. Add a little “Irish” to it, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time! I love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a nice cup of Irish Coffee. Whether it’s a weekend brunch, or a quiet night at home on a cold night, I have so many warm memories with family and friends sipping this special drink. That’s why I love to see this handmade Irish Coffee ornament hanging from my tree as a reminder of these lovely times.

This DIY ornament makes a great gift for all of the Irish Coffee lovers in your life! Maybe you have a tradition of sharing an Irish Coffee with a special group of friends? This DIY ornament is the perfect gift for your “Irish Coffee Crew”! You can customize this homemade ornament with any meaningful phrase or quote that holds a special memory to you!

Completed Irish Coffee Ornament |

How To Make Irish Coffee St. Patrick’s Day Ornament

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day any time of the year with this Irish Coffee ornament craft. Whether you hang this ornament on your Christmas Tree during the holidays or keep it on display through March, this festive ornament will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all season long!


  • Mini Plastic Coffee Mug (from party supply store)
  • Dark Brown Paint
  • Ivory Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Polyfill (pillow fuzz)
  • White Paint Pen
  • Scissors

Irish Coffee Ornament Supplies |

Step 1: First, paint the “coffee” portion along the INSIDE walls of your mug using the brown paint. The coffee should go about half way up the inside of the mug.

Note: Traditional glass Irish Coffee mugs can be very heavy. If you plan to hang this as an ornament on your tree, I recommend using a miniature plastic version of this mug for 2 reasons – 1.) Plastic is lighter than glass and won’t weigh down the tree branch, and 2.) Plastic won’t break if the ornament happens to fall off the tree.

 I found these mini plastic Irish Coffee mugs from a local party supply store. They have a great selection of tableware & drinkware, and typically, these mugs are available year-round, not just for St. Patrick’s Day.

Painted Irish Coffee Ornament |

Step 2: Using the white paint, add a layer of “foam” above the coffee. Paint a white layer of foam right above where the brown coffee portion ends. This line doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. Similarly,  it’s okay if the colors blend together or the top layer is uneven. This will create a layered look to your Irish Coffee ornament, almost as though there is milk in the coffee. Afterall, foam has a mind of its own with all of the ridges and valleys throughout.

Painted Irish Coffee Cup |

Step 3: Cut an 8 inch strip of ribbon that you’ll use to hang your ornament. First, weave the ribbon through the handle of the mug and secure it with a knot. You should now have two tails. Tie both tails together creating a two inch loop. Then, trim the excess ribbon off for a clean even edge.

Ribbon added to Irish Coffee Cup |

Step 4: Next, create the “foam” for your Irish Coffee using polyfill. Gently loosen/fluff the polyfill to create a nice light looking foam. While the paint is still wet, place the polyfill inside the mug. As the paint dries, the polyfill will adhere to the paint and gently hold it in place almost acting like a light glue. The texture will also add a speckled more realistic dimension to the different layers of foam.

Cotton added to Irish Coffee Cup |

Step 5: Finally, using a white paint pen, write your message on the outside of the mug. Just make sure to use the brown “coffee” portion as your background so that you can see your message. There are so many fun St. Patrick’s Day phrases that you can use, such as, “Top of the Morning to You!” or, “I ♥ Irish Coffee!” Did you notice that the exclamation point was dotted with a shamrock? I love to add a fun festive touch like this whenever I can!

Paint Marker Writing on Irish Coffee Cup |

That’s it! Now your Irish Coffee ornament is ready to be displayed. You can hang it from your tree during the holiday season, or even create a special St. Patrick’s Day display in your home like I did with my collection of beautiful antique Irish Coffee mugs.

Irish Coffee Ornament on Christmas Tree |

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