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Give Kids a Little Extra Back to School Attention: 4 Fun Surprises

These two kids are ready for going back to school! | OrnamentShop.com

Use these ideas to plan a nice surprise for your child if they’re nervous for going back to school! The thought of going back to school might excite your kids because there’s so much to look forward to! They get to see all the friends they’ve missed over the summer, after all. But on the other […]

Back-To-School Tips For Parents

Ornament Shop's Back-To-School Tips For Parents | OrnamentShop.com

As we edge ever closer to the end of summer, it’s time to prepare our children for the new school year. These back-to-school tips for parents will help you cover all of your bases, this way you can be confident your kids are ready to go when the next semester starts. Lunch box? Check. Backpack? […]