Teacher Christmas Ornament

At the end of the 2009 – 2010 school year, whether your child is moving to a new school or just onto the next grade, there may be teachers that he or she will miss dearly.  There may also be teachers who you know have worked hard to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.  The usual gifts for favorite teachers include flowers, candy, fruit, or even gift cards.  But if the point of the gift is for the teacher to remember how much he or she meant to that student’s success, shouldn’t the gift be a little more personal?

A personal and memorable gift such as an ornament with the teacher’s name, school, or school year is a great way to ensure your child’s teacher not only remembers how much she meant to your child in particular, but also knows that your child selected an ornament with her in mindOrnamentshop.com has many personalized teacher ornaments to choose from, and there is a design for every teacher, bus driver, librarian, or other staff member who made a difference in your child’s school year.  Choose from men and women teachers, school buses, crossing guards, and even Christmas themed ornaments if you choose to give during the holidays (teachers need year-round appreciation!).  Accompany your chosen ornament with your child’s handmade card, and you have a one-of-a-kind gift.

Your child’s favorite teachers can proudly decorate their desks or offices with reminders that their efforts have been noticed, and that they have made a difference to your child.  It is a tough world out there for our teachers today. Every year they take on more work without much incentive, or may find themselves with no work at all.  Yet for many of these hard-working teachers, every single child counts – and yours just might make her (…or his) day with a unique and thoughtful gift.

Don’t forget to appreciate your child’s teacher this year!

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