Gifts for Teachers: Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world! A special teacher can have such an impact on a child, and so many other children throughout their career.

That’s why I always enjoy picking out personalized Christmas ornaments for teachers around the holiday season. Parents of students have plenty to choose from for gifting teachers. The best times to gift a teacher is either around the holidays, when your student graduates from their grade, at the start of the school year as a welcome gift, or for a special occasion such as if the teacher is recognized with an award and you want to say congratulations!

Schools, volunteer programs, after school clubs or sports teams might also want to gift a personalized ornament to their wonderful teachers. Personalized ornaments for teachers and schools are perfect for these occasions because the teacher will cherish the gift on their tree each and every year thinking back to the best memories with their students.

5 Types of Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Teachers

1. Best Ornaments for Any Teacher

The best ornaments to gift to any teacher have traditional symbols for learning, such as the alphabet, “A+,” books, pencils, crayons and school buses. These teacher ornaments can be personalized with the teacher’s name as well as short messages such as the name of the school, the name of the student giving the gift, and the grade the teacher is teaching.

A personalized Christmas ornament wreath with symbols including A+, ABC, crayons and books. | Ornament Shop A personalized Christmas ornament for teachers or students with a stack of books. | Ornament Shop

A school bus personalized Christmas ornament for teachers, bus drivers and students. | Ornament Shop

2. Teacher Ornaments with Quotes

Some teacher ornaments have special quotes and words about being a wonderful teacher. These ornaments are typically glass ball ornaments and bring a classic feel to all Christmas trees. Your student’s teacher can look back on an encouraging quote each year and remember the special student who gave it to them.

A personalized Christmas ornament for teachers that reads: Best Teacher Ever. | Ornament ShopA personalized Christmas ornament glass ball that reads: You are a wise and wonderful teacher. | Ornament Shop

3. Teacher Ornaments for Math or Science

Ornaments for math and science teachers are so unique! These teachers have truly special talents and ornaments represent a number of symbols such as the atom and pi. They will love having these ornaments to hang on their tree and think of all the students they’ve helped understand these complex concepts.

A personalized Christmas ornament with pi and its sequence on a clear glass ball. | Ornament Shop A personalized Christmas ornament with an atom that reads: I heart silence. | Ornament Shop

4. Teacher Ornaments for English or History

English and history teachers have so much knowledge to share. Gift your teacher with an ornament to express how interesting their classes have been. A stack of books or globe are worth a thousand words and can be personalized with the name of your teacher.A personalized Christmas ornament with a stack of books, perfect for English teachers and students. | Ornament Shop A personalized Christmas ornament with a globe for history teachers. | Ornament Shop


5. Teacher Ornaments for Art & Music

If your student has a serious passion for music or art, they’re sure to have a favorite teacher! These subjects are so much fun and are so memorable. Gift your art or music teacher with the perfect personalized ornament to represent all the best times your student has spent in their class.

An artist ornament for a teacher or student. | Ornament Shop A personalized Christmas ornament with the word BAND in sheet music. | Ornament Shop

When looking for the best personalized Christmas ornament, you have so many to choose from. Check out our full category of teacher and school ornaments to find the perfect one for your occasion!

Did you find the perfect ornament for your teacher? Share it with us in the comments below and tell us why you chose it!

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