Tell Your Family Story Using Personalized Ornaments |

Looking for a unique way to tell your family story? Try telling your family story using personalized Christmas ornaments! You’ll be able to share your history with future generations years and years to come.

Family stories – our life experiences, the places we go, and the paths we travel – are unique to each and every individual. While few people have their family story published in a book, almost everyone has certain mementos they keep and pass along, allowing these stories to be shared with their children and their children’s children, even decades down the line!

Whether you’re listening to your grandparents reminisce about the days when they walked to school uphill in the snow (both ways!), or your uncle boasting about a recent family vacation, every story should be cherished!

And what better way to commemorate your family story than through personalized ornaments! Your Christmas tree can be an annual monument to the time you’ve spent together, with each decoration marking a significant life event: The birth of a child, your first home, a first day of school or a new job.

Likewise, memories of your family can be passed along to your children as they grow older and bring ornaments with them as they move into adulthood. These ornaments will remind them of every Christmas and every lovely moment you shared together as they grew up: Moments like their first sports championship, a band or piano recital, getting their driver’s license, and graduating from high school.

There are so many ways for you to tell your family story using personalized ornaments! I’ve listed a few of my favorite ornaments below, but you’ll want to check out our full selection of personalized family ornaments for more great ideas.

Beach Bear Family of 5 Christmas OrnamentBeach Bear Family of Five Ornament |

Need an ornament to help remember one of your family’s favorite beach vacations? This beach bear family of five ornament will help commemorate any beach vacation trip! It features a family of bears with two parents and three children.

We also offer the same ornament for families of three and four. Be sure to personalize it with the names of everyone in your family, so they will always remember the sound of the ocean.

Grand Piano Christmas Ornament (Black)Grand Piano Ornament (Black) |

Remember your child’s first piano recital, and how the crowd was moved to their feet at the end of the performance? This personalized grand piano ornament is the perfect memento for such a wonderful moment in your child’s life.

Give this gift to your child or grandchild to commemorate that special day. Don’t forget to have it personalized!

Basketball Court Christmas OrnamentBasketball Court Ornament |

Did your child or grandchild have a championship basketball season that they still talk about to this day?

Why not keep the memory going with this great personalized basketball court ornament? This ornament features a backboard and hoop on the front, and a basketball court on the back.

Have your child’s name and team name personalized on the front of the ornament, so they never forget that inspiring championship win!

License Plate with Keys Christmas OrnamentNew Driver License Plate Ornament |

Is there a new driver in the family? This long awaited day is cherished by all teens. It’s a “milestone” of sorts, symbolizing a major step on the road to adulthood.

This ornament features a license plate with a set of keys on the side, and can be personalized with the name of the driver – or your own message –  on the license plate. Whether they’ve just finished driver’s ed. or finally managed to perfect parallel parking, this is a great gift they’ll cherish for years.

Graduate Hat And Tassel Christmas OrnamentGraduate Hat and Tassel Ornament |

High school and college graduation is a big moment your teenager’s life.

These memories will last a lifetime and beyond. Make it effortless for your child (or grandchild) to recall their high and college days with this graduate hat and tassel ornament.

Personalize it with the graduation year, name of the graduate, and the school he or she graduated from. This is a great way to celebrate such a colossal accomplishment!

Cub Scout Badge on Banner Christmas OrnamentCub Scout Ornament |

This Cub Scout ornament is a great way to remember the time when your son or grandson first joined or when he graduated!

This ornament features a Cub Scout in his uniform with merit badges and pins. You can even personalize the ornament with your Boy Scout or Cub Scout’s name!

Heart Couple Christmas OrnamentHeart Couple Ornament |

Did you recently get married, or do you know someone who recently tied the knot?

This heart couple ornament is the perfect memento for any recently married couple looking to start their family story. This is a great piece to hang on your tree during the Christmas season.

Be sure to personalize the couple’s hats to commemorate a recent marriage and the start of a family story.

2 Snowmen Grandparents Tree with 4 Grandchildren Christmas OrnamentTwo Snowman Grandparents with Four Children Ornament |

Grandparents always share the best stories! What better way to remember their amazing tales than with this two snowmen grandparent’s tree. No matter what name your children call their grandparents, this ornament will always represent the love they share.

This ornament features two grandparents and four grandchildren. Personalize the two snowmen with the names of your grandparents and remember all the stories they have told you over the years! carries over 5,000 ornaments, and our gifts aren’t limited to what we have listed above. Be sure to check out our full selection of personalized family ornaments for more great ideas!

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