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Chicago Bears Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornaments Really “Make” your Tree!

Decorating your Christmas tree is still one of the favorite traditions of many families whether you prefer an artificial or real tree.  With so many cute and varied Christmas ornaments available many people have opted to create a themed tree.  A Christmas tree with a theme involves trimming the tree with decorations and Christmas ornaments which revolve around one hobby or color.  If you have ever attended an auction of decorated Christmas trees, you have probably viewed a themed tree.

Themed Tree According to Color
You can decorate the tree all in one color such as gold, blue, white or rose.  Lights, bows, ornaments, and garland are available in a variety of colors to match or coordinate.  You may think that all of the decorations displayed in one color would be boring, but they are quite beautiful, especially against the green background color of most trees.

Themed Tree According to Hobby or Interests
Some ideas for themed trees where many Christmas ornaments are available include:

  •  Brand name Christmas ornaments:  Sesame Street, M&M’s, or Walt Disney characters.
  •  Hobbies/Interests:  Musical instruments, fairy tales, travel, tropical, hot air balloons, culinary, beer or cocktails.  For a western theme, think cowboys, hats, boots, and horses.
  •  Sports:  A baseball themed Christmas tree could include balls, catcher masks, baseball caps, players, trophies, jerseys and baseball gloves.  Many other sports are also available.
  •  Animals/Creatures: Dogs, cats, birds, frogs, fishes, and horses.  For the dog lover, look at our 65 dog-related ornaments!
  •  Christmas related:  Gingerbread themed trees are cute as are penguins, snowflakes angels, snowmen, or all Santa trees.

So, whatever your hobby or interest may be, creating a themed Christmas tree can not only be beautiful, but very creative.  I received many compliments on our football themed tree and besides including football-related Christmas ornaments and lights, we laminated one of our season tickets to hang!

Christmas allows you to search by theme, color, price, material, brand, or country of origin, so you can find just about any hobby, interest, or celebration you desire.

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