Awards ceremonies are filled with excitement and nervousness, but above all, elegance. The Oscars are no exception and are in fact the pinnacle of the awards season.  Nominated celebrities anxiously hope for their name to be called, desperately desiring a flawless acceptance speech. However, over the years many Faux Pas have occurred that should be avoided if they find themselves called upon the stage.

Take a trip down memory lane with some of Oscars memorable moments that will make you wince. Current nominees should consider these mistakes of the past before they find themselves upon our future Top 10 list of avoidable faux pas.


Top 10 Worst Faux Pas – What Not To Do At The Oscars!


10 – Don’t Send A Proxy (unless you’re dead) Faux Pas

In 1972, there was no contest against Marlon Brando for the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Don Corleone in The Godfather. In an unusual protest, he sent Sacheen Littlefeather, dressed in full Indian headdress, to decline his Oscars win and claimed it was because of Hollywood’s ill treatment of Native Americans.


9 – Leave The Crazy Stunts At Home Faux Pas

In 1974, 34 year old Robert Opel, ran across the Oscars stage buck naked, flashing peace signs, to the shock and dismay of the celebrities in attendance. Co-host David Niven quickly quipped “Probably the only laugh that man will ever get is for stripping and showing his shortcomings!”


8 – Test Run Apparel On Stairs Faux Pas

In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence tripped up the stairs as she raced to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. Every woman’s nightmare! Sometimes these humiliating moments overshadow the Oscars win, so nominees should always test-run their designer gowns and shoes.


7 – Inappropriate Language Faux Pas

In 2010, Melissa Leo became the first winner to drop the F-bomb at the Oscars during her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress for the movie The Fighter. At a classy event such as the Academy Awards, she should have been able to maintain proper etiquette for the evening.


6 – Uncontrollable Excitement Faux Pas

In 1998, the Italian filmmaker Roberto Benigni, physically couldn’t contain his excitement after the announcement that he won the Best Actor prize for Life Is Beautiful, that he climbed over the backs of chairs in the Oscars audience to make his way to the stage.


5 – Personal Propaganda Doesn’t Belong Faux Pas

In 2002, during Michael Moore’s Oscars acceptance speech for Documentary (Feature) Bowling For Columbine, the outspoken director went on a political rant against current President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq. The subsequent mix of boos and cheers overshadowed the rest of the wins that evening.


4 – Uncomfortable Showing Off Faux Pas

In 1991, at 73, Jack Palance won Best Supporting Actor for the movie City Slickers. Extremely proud of the shape he was still in for his age, he decided to show off his physique by performing one-arm pushups on the stage after his Oscars trophy win.


3 – Practice The Nominees Names Faux Pas

In 2013, no one will ever forget the John Travolta’s announcement of Idina Menzel to sing her Oscar nominated song “Let It Go” which ended up winning Best Original Song later in the evening at the Oscars. Nerves got the best of him as he butchered her name by pronouncing it as “Adele Dazeem”.


2 – Stick To The Cue Cards Faux Pas

In 1933, Will Rogers presented the Oscars Best Director award. Instead of reading the traditional, “And the Oscar goes to…” he announced “Come and get it, Frank!” The problem was that TWO Franks were nominated and Frank Capra dashed to the stage only to discover that Frank Lloyd actually won for Cavalcade.


1 – Keep The Closet Closed Faux Pas

And the worst faux pas that we can think of to do at the Oscars: In 1993, Tom Hanks won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of an AIDS victim in the movie Philadelphia. In a daring and brave move to show sympathy and an understanding of gay rights, he accidentally outed his high school drama teacher from the closet, in the middle of his acceptance speech!


If you are watching the Oscars on February 22nd you might be witness to faux pas that make the top 10 list in the future!  Do you have a favorite faux pas from the Oscars that we haven’t mentioned here? Comment on our blog!


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